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And it is that CONAE (National Micro-enterprise and Confederation Independent), CONAE Castille-La Mancha (Supervisory Regional) and FRACAMAN (Regional Federation of Craftsmen of Castille-La Mancha) received three plates by the given aid to the union of the craftsmen of this Community. In representation to the National Employer’s association it attended its President, Salvador Garci’a Torrico, who took advantage of the occasion to approach all the industralists who with their daily effort reach their professional goals, since is the green buds that will remove from the crisis to us. In our country it has around 15,000 companies of crafts and in the majority of the cases one is micro-enterprises. The President of CONAE aimed that the Spanish crafts is synonymous of quality abroad and represents in addition 0.3% to the Spanish GIP . On the other hand, Miguel Muoz, as President of CONAE Castila La Mancha was thankful for the award, explaining the importance of the independent industralist, since esteem that represents more of 50% of the sector craftsman. It added that the micro-enterprises occur mainly in sectors of the wood, the ceramics and the metal and the orders constitute their form of sale more used. FRACAMAN counted on the representation of their President, Perea Robert, who did not doubt in to be thankful for the effort to the craftsmen, when arranging many of them this occupation with other labor or enterprise activities.

After the corresponding words it was continued with a press conference for the mass media, that stated the importance of the craftsmen for being promotional and impelling of the enterprise weave of Castille-La Mancha, as it concluded Salvador Garci’a Torrico. As it broaches of the act, the representatives of CONAE, CONAE Castille-La Mancha and FRACAMAN, they received a honorary plate by its work in the land of the industralist craftsman. Who is CONAE the National Confederation of Independent and Micro-enterprises, constituted on April of 1988, independently are based like an organization without spirit of profit for the defense and support of the workers and the micro-enterprises of all the national territory.

Pacific Coast

Political the social figure of the arhuacos is Mamo, that guides the town with its knowledge. 3. Ember (It hit) – Location: Although in Choc it inhabits 50% of emberas of the country, in other based departments where they are east indigenous town receive another name like: Cholos in the Pacific Coast, Chames or memes in Risaralda, Catos in Antioch and Eperas in Nario and the Cauca. – Population: 71.412 in all the country. – Language: they waunaan.

– Culture: they practice the hunting and the fishing, generally the man embera only leaves to obtain food. These natives live in small constructed parcels to borders of the river. 4. Guambianos – Location: One is in his majority in the caucanos municipalities of Silvia, Jambal, Totor, Caldono and Toribio, although there are small establishments in the Huila. – Population: 20,782 natives. – Language: guambiana. – Culture: They create in the ritual of the marriage and have the freedom to choose to its sentimental pair.

Nevertheless, still some unions by convenience practice, so the origin of the pretending one studies very well. They are organized in town halls that watch and defend their territory. 5. Grass (Nario) – Location: in the department of Nario they inhabit the plateau of Tquerres and Ipiales. – Population: 55,379 natives. – Language: by the cultural interchange it lost his dialect. Now only they speak Spanish. – Culture: They practice the horticulture. Being its main rituals conserves guayusa and the chapil, drinks by means of which they are put in contact with the world and the nature. They are organized in governor, secretary, treasurer and bailiffs. The members of the town hall carry a cane that represents its power on the community.

The Economic

But it is necessary to understand that these systems are for great amounts of content, where the design no longer concerns so much, if not the handling of the information. An informative page Web developed by this route will see attractive poor man little and. An important point is that, if you change of lodging supplier Web, surely Web will not be able to take to its page, because these are stored in a data base for manager that I am used. What is the ideal to begin? Although the economic option could be a group or a CMS, when we initiated we needed to be able to do and to undo with our page to achieve our objective, for that reason is that we did not recommend to initiate groups in any case. And to only resort to CMS if it is counted on a truly high flow of information.

Of another way the ideal and that will be able to help him to attract new clients will be a page Web done custom-made. In IZARIS we do not offer sites realised by means of predesigned groups, because we know its limitations and we want to offer the best thing to him to our clients. Of equal way the CMS use we solely realised them under request of the client in the needs that require therefore it. We understand that a page Web that does not sell, will be always a cost for our client and we will lose possibly it. We hope that this information is of utility for the success of their Presencia in Internet. If it wishes to obtain more data or to contract some of these services, it pngase in contact with us. Original author and source of the article.