TrueStar Point

Every year the summer puts anywhere in the world in movement to million people. The flow of travellers in the ports, stations and airports intensifies of considerable way. Each is organized as it can, to make its vacations pleasanter and relajantes, but indeed for who it travels in airplane is a successful system to travel prote’ge’s. (Source: Brian Krzanich). The solution is called SecureBag and consisted of surrounding with a protection of high resistance, adapted for all type of luggage, through a special film, added to a complementary insurance in case of deviation or damages to the luggage. This service allows the passenger to less than surround its own luggage in 30 seconds. The film is completely recyclable, she is not toxic and it perfectly adapts to the different forms and reliefs. It protects the luggage of the humidity, rain, you cut and accidental openings. In the luggage thus surrounded a sticky seal is applied, with alphanumeric code of identification.

The service of protection of the luggage is lent in the TrueStar Point, that is points of sale themselves, managed by one or several operators, and characterized by an innovating, captivating and easily recognizable design. The idea is of Fabio Talin, founder of TrueStar Group S.p.A that at the moment operates with more than 100 points of sale in 33 present airports in 13 countries of the world, in 3 continents. In 2009 TrueStar Group in terms of protection of luggage generated global volumes of sale of around 3.5 million surrounded pieces, being placed thus in a position of leader to world-wide level in the sector, with sales invoiced of around 23.5 million Euros, a EBITDA of approximately 4.3 million Euros and net utilities of 2 million Euros. Therefore, who is about to start off, besides the toothbrush, he is opportune that also remembers be made surround its luggage.

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Iwata Work

Studies point that the presence of social nets that offer support to the work improves the evaluation of the employee on its health and are correlated negative with it estresse (Browner, 1987; Iwata & Suzuki, 1997). When the social support well is developed in the organization, it has a protective effect that if manifest in low levels of it estresse, that is, how much bigger the level of social support in the organizacional, lesser environment the level of estresse in the work. On the other hand, when the social support is inexistent or deficit in the organization, this factor it is changedded into a estressor. However, other 0 variable (situacionais) not so directly related to the environment and organizacionais circumstances can also have influences estresse on it occupational. Workers who do not practise physical exercises regularly tend to present a level of estresse superior. The regular physical exercise develops the cardiac conditioning that it provokes, in the sanguineous chain, a substance reduction associates estresse to it (Tamayo, 2001). Also, aspects of the relation between work and family can be treated as changeable that they influence it estresse occupational.

This because the demands of the work environment are not restricted, but can influence the perception of the estressores. The interference of the family in the work positively is related estresse with it occupational, that is, the interference family-work would be favoring, directly, the appearance of organizacionais estressores (Paschoal and Tamayo, 2005). How much to the 0 variable staffs who influence it estresse occupational, the style of confrontation (style of coping) of the employee front to the events estressores consist of the main individual 0 variable, representing still, a central point of many studies. As changeable staffs still we have locus of control, the behavior standard type and auto-esteem that also they have called the attention the researchers. Of these, the one that seems to have to be given emphasis to me is auto-esteem, since this has been seen in the studies on estresse as a resource for the process of confrontation, capable to influence the emitted evaluation of the events and behaviors to deal with the estressores.

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Human Motivation

Currently if it speaks very on the importance of the motivation as motor that it stimulates the person human being to play with definitive ability action or work. We find thus, this emphasis to the motivation, over all in courses entrepreneurs, as well as in auto-aid literature. In the field of enterprise literature, it affirms John Adair (1934-), on motivation: If the communication is sister of the leadership, then the motivation also it is. ‘ ‘ Motivao’ ‘ it comes of the Latin verb ‘ ‘ movere’ ‘. It exists, it is clearly, a variety of forms to mobilize people: you can threaten them with punishment of diverse forms, or induziz them for you reward financiers. (2000, p.37). For a scientific conceptualization, the motivated behavior if characterizes as one strong dismissal of energy, directing itself for an objective, or goal. Thus, for one better agreement of the motivated behavior, we can conceive reason as incentive, either positive that if dirige for the objective, as the negative that if it moves away, for esquiva or escape, of the motivador object.

On the other hand, reason also can to reveal as impulse (or force that it puts into motion), they are innate reasons, as the physiological ones; the theories divergem on the innate necessities as the boarding of each psychological school, for Watson, for example: ‘ ‘ the stimulatons, as well as the answers of that the comportamentalista if occupies, can be simple or complex. Luminous waves that reach the retina can be considered relatively simple stimulatons; but the stimulatons can more be physical objects of the environment or a situation ampla’ ‘. (SCHUTZ; SCHUTZ. 1992, p.249).

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The criteria used for the majority of the people to select foods are basically between the palate, the cost, the influence of the partners and friends, the advertising, the packing and the disposal in the shelves of the store and diverse factors of psychological and psicossocial order, as lack of motivation, social influences, beliefs and feelings of low auto-effectiveness. (VIANA, 2002) When observed practical the alimentary ones, understood of breast-feeding to the daily feeding of the family, it is verified that they are deriving of knowledge, experiences and experiences, constructed from the conditions of life, the culture, the social nets and scientific knowing of each time historical and cultural. observes that the practical habits and the alimentary ones are permeados by the maternal learning, that have beginning in infancy, and are associates to the urban habits of consumption. (ROTENBERGL; The VARGAS, 2004) According to Trindade and Teixeira (s.d.), some aspects are important and must deserve a bigger attention with regard to familiar factors that influence the behaviors of health of the children and the adolescents, as for example: – relationship with the alimentary behaviors, physical exercise, the substance consumption and the prevention of accidents; – Impact of changes of the familiar functioning in the health of the children, particular in situations of divorce, monoparental families, etc.; – Influence of maltreatment, recklessness and familiar violence on the physical and mental health of the children; – Influence of the illness or deficiency of the children in the familiar functioning, appointedly the related one with the installment of cares of long duration. AN and BN have a familiar component fort and raised taxes of alimentary pathology it enters familiar the next ones as well as high incidence of illnesses to the mood, substance abuse and disturbance of the personality and anxiety.

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To learn is a creative discovery, in the certainty that change is possible for both the sexos, and that this learning comes with the opening of risk and the adventure of the being, therefore teaching if it learns and learning if it teaches. that the autonomy, the dignity and the identity of educating has that to be respected, therefore in case that contrary if this being will not be respected will be something empty and inoperative (FREIRE, 1996). The film has a chapter where it deals with the family of Neil of an adolescent who has a dream of being artist, while its parents want that it carries through the dream of the mother who was to have a son doctor. This attitude of the family makes with that the young one if feels pressured and overwhelming, where arrives a point where the same it does not support more and suicidal with the gun of the father. Keating professor, makes with that the adolescent reflects in what likes, in the accomplishment it its desire, and not what it is tax. For Freire the hope and the optimism are gigantic possibilities in the change possibility, where the educator to consider one practical educative one in the resolution of the problem (1996). The school is worried in teaching, and not in making the pupil to learn to think, being a model conservative where he possesss its basic principles: tradition, honor, discipline and excellency. This orthodox and secondary vision, harms the professor in such a way therefore, it does not pass of the mesmice as the pupil who lives in a neutral vision, and without understanding of its certainty and truths. Freire (1996) affirms that ' ' education without research does not exist and nor research without ensino' ' (p.32). To teach, to learn and to search deal with the knowledge production, where the questioning of the truths and certezas makes to create possibilities to intervene with the reality in order to modify it.

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