Solidary Popular Economy

The accompaniment is systematic. The leaderships visit the groups, stop next to its integrant ones reflecting concerning the difficulties and strategies of work. The groups of production and commercialization demand a bigger accompaniment. On the other hand, some groups have as participant leaderships of the DUST, which contribute of form accomplish for the process of organization of the group. I detach that our function next to the solidary enterprises is to follow them, we reject the monitoramento idea, we are party to suit, do not want to establish a subordination relation, in which the agent of pastoral, external to the group, said the norms, rules and ways to be followed. The essential joint is part in the constitution of the groups, that face the capitalist market and the culture of the individualism. To accomplish it the partnership between the proper groups is vital, which must be accompanying and not competing, so that it has something different and innovative, are not enough to be a group of alternative production, have that to be open to a new paradigm of social relationship.

Being thus, we stimulate the groups to participate of the social movements, in special, the movement of dismissed workers and the Fruns of the Solidary Popular Economy. Of another part, workshops are offered of formation human being: interpersonal relationship, analysis of conjuncture, sort, solidary consumption, ecology and protection to the environment. The Laboring Pastoral, through its diverse instances, stimulates the participation of the groups in fruns local, regional, state and national of EPS, in order to pressure the governments to become the EPS one public politics. We understand that the organization of alternative groups must become one public politics of responsibility of the State, being indispensable the action of the groups in this perspective. In elapsing of the last years, some groups had conquered the economic consolidation and politics, not needing a systematic accompaniment more than, protagonists had become.

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Reconfiguration Of Papers

The reconfiguration of papers goes to have as effect to compensate the disadvantage of the woman in participating in the work market but also it will go to allow the men to participate in the familiar life. A true emancipation of the women will depend on will politics on the part of the State taking for itself the tasks that have to see with the reproduction of the work force, guaranteeing the installation of public services of quality as day-care centers, schools, lavandarias, restaurants, confections, what it will allow that men and women in such a way expend time of quality in the public sphere how much in the domestic sphere. The new Law of Work, of August of 2007, is a law that can be considered progressive by the care in incorporating necessities of women and diligent men, presenting igualitrias politics where if it makes necessary (wage politics) and politics you specify (Cases of illness, pregnancy, abortion, etc). But also it can be an example of as still we are influenced by the patriarcal model, characterized for presenting a vision of the world based on the masculine experience. An example can be found in articles 11 and 12 that it has the merit to establish some conditions special that concur for not discrimination of the women in the period of pregnancy and after childbirth. Article 11 looks for to assure that it does not have reduction of the remuneration, takings leave of or no attempted against form of against the pregnant person. The normeia article the 12 that licenses of maternity and fixed paternity sixty days consecutive of license for the mothers, who can be enjoyed 20 days before the probable date of the childbirth. For the parents, point 5 of article 12 says the following one: The father has right to a license for paternity of one day, of two in two years, that must be enjoyed in the day immediately to follow to the birth of the son.

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Silva Grandson

E with that Love they took care of of the children! attended sinh, treating marks that socos and kicks left to it in the body; brightening up, with affectionate attitudes meigas and, the wounds who remained in the soul. In the cares with the children they had created until proper vocabulary, enriching our language. Thus, to cagar capsized to make coconut; to eat the Pope, Pope; to sleep started to be nan; to mijar became to make pee. Quanta ternura coming of where the white men less waited! They created foods, delicious candies and liquors to please I love it and its visiting constants? the compliments were collected by Mr., never for sinh. with the meat remaining portions that were sent for senzala had created the feijoada one, that one of appreciated plates of the Brazilian culinria would become more.

They took care of to all with immense pleasure and devotion and looked for to satisfy all the gostos I love of it and sinh, but they did not escape of the ferrenho yoke of the chibata, that feudal Mr. lived in the hand as one cetro to symbolize its absolute power. How the Love would have to survive in a so ominous social environment to its sublime emanations? With the romantismo of the literatos prisoner in the pages of books to embolorar in the bookshelves of one few privileged ones? Without schools and with other people’s a social environment avesso and the cultural manifestations? Hindering it exempts it manifestation of the thought of the children and young and, consequentemente, stifling all and any contribution that could give for the improvement of the fabric social? We will better understand the gift from an ample and deep study of the past, for then being able to reorient our behavior with sights to the future that we long for us and for the society.

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The Speech

How many centuries would separate in them of this scene if it really had occurred? Who will be able to prove that it did not occur? Answering to a question proposal for the Academy of Dijon, Rousseau affirms that the inaquality is authorized for the natural law and possesss two species: natural or physical that is established by the nature and the moral or the politics that is established by the conventions or the customs. The Speech has the objective of ‘ ‘ to point in the progress of the things, the moment where, succeeding the right to the violence, the nature was submitted to the law; to explain for which chaining of prodigies the fort can be decided to serve it the weak one, and the people to buy imaginary tranquillity for the price of a happiness real.

Rousseau discards the man idea who is conceived by the tradition Jewish-Christian; this tradition configures the man as a being that received laws from its creator, while the pretension of Rousseau is to analyze the man in a state that precedes any law and whose law is its proper creation and destruction. Also it seems to ignore evolutionist biological theories, conceiving and describing the man as if it can to still know at its time and today, at least in what it refers to the anatomy. NATURAL ASPECTS OF the NATURAL MAN Of course, or physically, the natural man is a robust and strong animal, therefore when imitating the nature if prepares to live in it, being capable to surpass the obstacles that if impose to it; to the animals that do not obtain to fight for the force it is capable to be successful for the dexterity. Being thus the physical or geographic obstacles and the proper animals they would not be implacable to the natural man; for Rousseau males has only two, of course caused, of which the man cannot escape, they are it infancy and perhaps the oldness, that debilitates the body they become and it fragile, making it to perish when nor if she had perhaps given account of its existence..

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Young Education

The ZDR is the singular learning of each individual, therefore the biological factors go if modifying from the sociocultural psychological development. The ZDP is the social learning mediated by the others, intervention moment on the acquired knowledge that modifies the individual psychological development. The symbolic language takes the formation of the interior speech that appears as form of mediation between the interior speech and the social world. On this perspective: ‘ ‘ It is interesting to observe that the idea of the convergence of two independent lines of development in the formation of superior psychological processes is sufficiently characteristic of Vygotsky: its postulation for the relations between thought and language also includes the idea of two separate genetic trajectories, that in one determined moment of the development if join, giving to origin to a process qualitatively diferente’ ‘. (OLIVEIRA; 1993:30) a presented time the perspective of a description-cultural boarding, that if characterizes for the internalization of the instruments and symbols produced for the cultural way and the inserted interpretation in the social context from the mediating action as knowledge source, can, at last, cogitate a metodolgica strategy come back toward Adult the Young Education of e.

Strategies of learning also return its analysis for learning-I teach, in which it distinguishes the spontaneous conceptual formation, that is, internalizada of the ways description-cultural data to the citizen of the knowledge, of the technician-scientific concepts, that are those acquired by ‘ ‘ half of education, as part of an organized system of knowledge, (…) submitted the deliberate processes of instruction escolar’ ‘. (OLIVEIRA; 1993:31) the theory of the activity is the theory that applies the description-cultural activity as clarifying concept-key in the mediation of the man with the world. In the process of mediation for which the citizen is assumen of the cultural goods and transforms them, proper it finishes for developing its superior mental functions, and thus he is transformed.

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Solidary Economy

The emancipation of the human being in the work autogestionado In an opposing direction to the principles of the Solidary Economy, the capitalist society, according to Marx, alienates the worker of the product of its work; it places it as competing of those with who allotment interests and, in consequence, it alienates it of its pairs; while the agriculturist immediately perceives the direction of its work (to extract of the nature its ways of subsistence), the worker of the industry is dispossessed of the direction of its work; at last, the division of the work delouses the worker of its proper humanity. The work ‘ ‘ it alienates of the man its proper body, but also the external nature, its mental life and its life humana’ ‘. The work goes losing all the appearance of personal manifestation and only through the appropriation of a totality of production instruments, or of productive forces, it is that the man can reach the personal manifestation, or either, through the overcoming of the alienation, the onilateral formation in such a way of the limits how much of the universality of the appropriate instruments of production for the worker, through the creation of the potentialities human beings for the proper man, in the work. The educative processes in the interior of the organizations of autogestionria production that point a change in the production-formation of human beings, of workers are several. The Solidary Popular Economy opens possibilities for the construction of new social relations and work, that can result in a new culture of work, in new subjetividades. ‘ ‘ Being the workers ‘ ‘ patres’ ‘ of itself same, the work can gain possibility to give a quality jump? quality in its relation with the community, as well as in what it says respect to the proper process of trabalho’ ‘. (It read V.

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Immovable Engine

E thus, of the effect of God if can demonstrate that God exists. Although, if it cannot have by means of them a perfect knowledge of the essence of it. ‘ ‘ (REALE, P. 246) Toms proves the existence of God for five ways, the first one demonstrates God as Motor Property, second as First Cause, third as To be Necessary, the fourth as Supreme Well biggest degree of Perfection, fifth as Providencial Intelligence. God exists and can be proven for five ways: First he saw, of the Immovable Engine or saw of the movement Everything what he moves yourself is moved is moved by something or for another one and that, therefore, not to finish in an infinite return that nothing would explain, is necessary to admit a Primum Movens (the First Engine or Immovable Engine), that he is not moved by nothing: To this we say that he is God. Second way, of Cause First or saw of causalidade efficient No thing can to be cause of itself same, this is very probable, being thus deduces that a First and not-caused Cause must exist, that produces and it is not produced, that it is cause, but is not caused.

‘ ‘ Therefore, she is necessary to admit a first efficient cause, that all call Deus’ ‘. Third way, of the Necessary Being or saw of the contingency Leaving of the beginning of that what can not be, a time did not exist. If, therefore, all the things can not be (they are contingent), at any given time nothing it existed in the reality. However, if this will be true, also now would not exist nothing, unless some thing of necessarily existing exists. Therefore, nor everything can be contingent, but she is necessary that it has something necessary, to this we call Being Necessary: God. Fourth way, of Sumo or saw Well of the perfection degrees Is fact that in the things if finds the good, the true one, the nobleman and other perfeies in bigger or lesser degree. This bigger or lesser degree if attributes for the approach of what it is had with good or utmost absolute of the perfection degree. Of this empirical constatao if it deduces that an utmost perfection exists, from the perfeies, exists something that is absolutely perfect of which the beings participate, without this is informing, because it is source of everything what in some way it exists.

‘ ‘ Therefore, it has something that stops all the beings is cause of the being, the goodness, and any perfection. this we call Deus’ ‘. Fifth way, of the Supreme Collator or it saw of the finalismo Is perceivable that some things lack of knowledge, as the natural bodies, act in function of an end. These reach its end for a predisposition. This implies an intelligent and finalizante cause. ‘ ‘ Therefore, some intelligent being exists, from which all the natural things are commanded for an end: to this being we call Deus’ ‘.

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