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An aspect to consider is that a product can be excellent in quality and others, although this NOT necessarily implies that also he is excellent at the time of distributing it through an opportunity of Multinivel Business. Elon Musk has compatible beliefs. The best product for your business multilevel must have these characteristics: – Reconsumible limitlessly, so that volume of your business is not limited – Accessible in cost, that it has an accessible price in relation to which it does and to which it lasts. – Social, you can take that it to any place because it is practical and nobody watches to you rare thinking what is that? , also it is important that the product is easy to prepare (or that it does not require any preparation) and you can take thus it to any side. – Substitute, always is easier to replace the mark of a product that your client already consumes to have to create a new habit to him. – A real necessity Satisfies, instead of to invent to the client a supposed necessity to him that did not know that it had. Get more background information with materials from Vikas Kapoor. – Important for people, that when consuming it the benefit. People not always consume what needs, but rather, which it likes. 3-El moment of the company Sabs in what phase is the company? Present Ten that all great company does not continue being TODAY a great opportunity.

In this sense tens that to have present if what quers is to generate wealth or only extra income. Statistically, one knows that 95% of the millionaires of all company multilevel arise among those who entered in the early stages (foundation, concentration, momentum). Only a 5% arise during the stability stage. Here I give more details you of each phase: Phase of FundacinDesde the beginning or pre-launch of the company until the 6 and 24 months (2 years), according to each company multilevel.

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In Spain

In Colombia it is known as the Day of the Love and the Friendship and it is not celebrated the 14 of February but in September, because in most of the country February is the month of the scholastic season. The tradition of the secret friend is common, who consists of introducing in a container small papers with the names of the participants, then, each is extracting a paper of the container and must give a present to the person whose name says the paper. In Ecuador usually it is celebrated the 14 of February with roses, nocturnal cards, serenades, dinners between married pairs, of fianc2es and friendly In Spain this celebration began to celebrate in the middle of century XX, with the reason to stimulate the purchase of gifts. In Guatemala also the Love and the Friendship or Day of the Affection are known like Day of. To the people they demonstrate making of interchange for example friendly secrets, giving pink the men the women, chocolates and small details that demonstrate to love and friendship. In Mexico one demonstrates to the love between fianc2es or spouses with roses.

In Peru this celebration knows like Day of the Love and the Friendship. In Venezuela usually it is celebrated with intimate dinners between married pairs, of even friendly fianc2es and. In Japan, besides the festival of Tanabata – local version of the Qi Qiao Chinese Jie, the Day of San Valentin is celebrated from February of 1958, impelled initially by company Morozoff the chocolate. Like particularitity, one stands out the fact that they are the women who give chocolates to the men, or are its relatives, friendly or fellow workers. Corintios 1-13 bequeaths to us: Although I would speak all the languages of the men and of Los Angeles, if I do not have love, I am like a bell that resonates or a subject of gossip that retie. Although it would have the gift of the prophecy and would know all the mysteries and all the science, although it would have all the Faith, a Faith able to transfer mountains, if I do not have love, I am not nothing. Although it would distribute all goods to feed the poor men and to give my body to the flames, if I do not have love, does not serve to me don’t mention it. The love is patient, is helpful; the love is not envious, does not boast, not envanece, does not come with baseness, does not look for its own interest, is not irritated, does not consider the received evil, is not glad of the injustice, but it rejoices with the truth.

The love excuses all it, creates all it, waits for all it, supports all it. That this day is of happiness, of to share and to love. . Because thus it is. *fuente of apoyoEnciclopedia Wikipedia. Ing. Industrialist-administrator, lawyer. EGADE (ITESM) UC Postgraduates masters in Administration of companies mention human markets, resources; quality and productivity; education Doctorate in Education titular Professor and investigating Area of Postgraduate of Phases UC. Consultant – enterprise adviser DEPROIMCA. deproimca. com EXATEC

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Milton Erickson

The origin of its investigation was its curiosity to understand as through the communication and of the language changes in the behavior of the people took place. Object of its investigation they were successful people like: familiar therapist, Virginia Satir, the father of the modern medical hipnologa Milton Erickson and the creator of gestalt Fritz Perls. In addition they had great influence theoretical of Gregory Bateson. Bandler and Grinder had reached the conclusion that these teachers of the change had common certain models of interaction that applied the majority of the times of unconscious way. They left from the principles of which the structures on which they are based the works of effective therapists can be discovered and, once included, they are possible to be reproduced and to be taught. The set of the patrons who modeled and their intellectual influences gave rise to the PNL. It is possible to indicate in addition, that at moments at which the communication has been located in center of the global preoccupation, the PNL I occupy quickly a strategic place between the disciplines that allow the individuals to optimize the resources.

Originally conceived for the therapeutic processes, the results that followed one another in extraordinary form obtained that use would extend that border. Doctors, psychologists, educators, far-reaching professionals of different areas and companies, apply the PNL at the moment, as much for the individual development as for the optimization of each human group. in organizational means the manager can use them in the market area in order to increase its sales since he could develop advertising campaigns that always arrive at the population taking into account the most effective channel to make arrive the message that is desired to transmit. The PNL has be of excellent importance within the organizational scope, since it improves the creativity and it allows a dynamic climate, of learning to bear the conflicts that day to day appears to us because by the condition human beings appear diversity of thoughts and conducts, we must learn to interrelacinanos with our fellow workers, in addition it helps to find the channels us to make the communication more effective and to improve the enterprise climate. All manager must worry no to only acquire knowledge office staff, but also to develop its abilities, skills, to know its strengths, to integrate themselves with its equipment, to deal with respect, self-esteem, assertiveness to its personnel.

and to handle its leadership efficiently. Definitively, PNL explains the process of learning of a process in a series of stages through which it passes the individual that learns. They are four: Unconscious incompetence (it is not known what is a car and, much less, to lead it). Conscious incompetence (momen Doctor in education; masters in administration of companies: quality and productivity; educacinIngeniero – administrator; Lawyer. Educational holder and investigator of postgraduate UC.

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