It is for this, so often used in the cold, she studios hands angler. A fit their own destiny – Indicates an iron spoon scoop must exist and the heavy dovolnokrepkoy to enable it to deliver just the edge of the hole freezes ice. The best material for a spoon scoop – list stainless steel or copper width near the 2-mm. To the chagrin, the markets and even in some stores of fishing products are sometimes allowed to meet the market obviously lightweight, made of a narrow tin dippers. Light that they are allowed to use almost only in extreme hot length according to the ice, when the hole is not ledeneyut.

Spoon scoop, obviously, must not exist in this As the diameter of the hole, so that she could freely enter the well at its clearing of snow and ice. Another substantial Entry wish to scoop – that he is not drowning, if suddenly accidentally dropped into the hole. This for winter fishing is often befall. This allowed to avoid, if the handle of a ladle to produce a lightweight material, such as foam. Naturally, to make the handle of a continuous foam missing values, that way it will be easy and willing, but quite fragile. But nashpilit on iron tube or rod is round "puck" of the same Styrofoam is completely tolerable.

Densely pressed and fixed, these "washers" is allowed only otdubasit rasp or ratfilem and then treated with emery cloth. Afterward it nakrytruchku waterproof varnish or paint. Box. Fisher-winter road elementary impossible to deliver without his fishing box. This aksessuarispolnyaet dual role: to store and transport the fishing economy, tovarovkormleniya, catch and immediately a chair-seat for the fisherman. Key requests to the box – capacity, sturdiness, lightness and mobility. Siim needs largely responsible drawers, available in sale. Often only seen iron – made of aluminum. In a last time, began to emerge boxes, glued together from sheets of rigid foam. A no is chosen? The greatest use in Fishermen found the boxes made of aluminum. They are quite roomy, light, not afraid of sudden shocks, falls, is not exposed to water. On the cover of a pliable top seat. Their single flaw – on junction of walls and nizaposeschayut slit, through which seeps moisture, if fishing is on mokrovatom place. Shozheeneudobstvo allowed to simply withdraw from the support of at least some waterproof glue. It is worth tolkonapolnit glue gap and give him dry. Most are only epoxy adhesive, which hardens and helluva lot of solid saves leaks. Undoubted privilege of the box from the solid foam that it is extremely light, heat otlichnovladeet. But it has a significant drawback: not withstand sharp blows in the fall on the ice and asphalt. And as for fishing or on the road can happen each. Not comparable began to publish long plastic boxes unique design polnostyukomfortnye and practical, with a variety of cells to store each fishing "Stuff". Nooni as long as anglers are only big cities, in what place they have to offer. Some anglers carpentry himself boxes themselves. And surely commit. Single committee to them should be measured iztakogo that the size of a box the size of the catch does not depend. Therefore not advisable to collect the crates, which severely vtesnitsya to the sample, the public bus door. Need normal size: length – 40 cm, width – 20, height – 35 cm is more primenimyegabarity. However, anyone can slightly change according to their own discretion.