Studying English

United States is one of the destinations chosen by the students who decide to learn English abroad. The motivations? Streamline what was learned or accelerate learning, in both cases it is achieved through continuous interaction with other students. Knowledge and immersion in a different culture, experience that transcends to the classrooms. Sharing daily information, customs, cultures, participate in real conversations with Anglophones. Interaction constant with natives, this allows correct grammatical aspects and mainly the pronunciation, one of the aspects that it costs us more to the Spanish-speakers. Share information both academic as well everyday, everyday that makes daily living, is also there where you learn idioms, jargon, accents or expressions that often are not taught in a traditional course. The strength of this system lies in that you learn English through a partner that is not familiar with our language, this obliges us to strive to understand the information without the possibility of immediate translation and without contextualizing the data in Spanish.That way, our brains become accustomed to thinking in English, this is the key to learning.

Another one of those reasons is the highest security that presents a native when it comes to teach and correct pronunciation and grammatical aspects. The magnificent possibility of knowing other cultures and customs. Institutions where the courses are equipped to attend to all the needs of students: library, internet access, computer room for those who do not have personal computer, bar and common spaces of recreation. And the big question is: what include these English courses abroad? Registration and classes during the school year in EE UU. Full board accommodation. Transfers towards the residence or homestay.

Personal tutor with monthly visits. Academics and personal reports each month. Notes and safe medical textbooks (anyway we recommend to consult if your coverage) local medical has international scope) management of proceedings experienced, with broad professional career teachers. Remember that ensure mastery of the language guarantees a quick job placement because better paid jobs require proficiency in this language. It is time to not be left out Te animas to study abroad?