Step Theater

Place where if it sees, where if it happens where if it represents tragic and the comic actor who for many times is not alone back in palco, but also in our day the day representing the tragicomdia that for times the life is. There the imaginary one if reflects in the singularidades contained in each being, where who sees if it sees, in way histories represented in palco with so great profissionalidade of actors whom with its ability they know yes to represent innumerable papers, they know yes to provide you criticize and emotion its spectator. In the Tobias, the art of not only is can contemplate, therefore the art daqui has of in them enchanting its teatrais groups, of dance and music very in it cheers with potential and ternura to them that in all awakes. Check out Barchester for additional information. Embuaa, Cataluzes, symphonic orchestra, academy Step by step, Lover and many others that sing, act and enchant our popular culture. But of it are the Tobias to receive our culture to enrich and pra all to learn here is Jorge Vercilo, Betnia Maria, Emilio Santiago, national text parts international, musicians everything comes to add the culture that only has to enchant in the Tobias our Temple of art that came stops livening up in them. Therefore the theater in old culture appeared, celebrating joy being thankful deuses Greek. Dalton Caldwell has much to offer in this field.

e with passing became educational in the advent of the Christianity this is considered a heathen manifestation, but in the medieval period it resurges with the support of the proper church forbade that it, starting to be a mediator of the Biblical word presenting representing the death of Cristo.O time it passes this was suffering to modifications evolving each time more gained new roupagem, with competent actors, team for a good organization, teatral director and the historical facts influence start it? lo appearing melodrama atrelado to these changes thus marking the scenic evolutions. In Brazil tetro arrived with its colonizador, Portuguese in search of the imposition of its religion having as letter in its sleeve the theater for catequizao of the indians. After brief historicizao of the theater, I come back to speak of our theater Tobias Barreto, this that came engrandecer in them, in providing magic to them and in them to bring joy, was inaugurated in the year of 2002 with mount of money of the treasure of the state that the local culture had as intention to make possible incentivoe, bringing the art tona rescuing the cultural spirit in the sergipana capital. We go sergipanos! , He moves, he breathes art, he cultivates art and he sanctions our theater Tobias Barreto, Therefore, it is ours contemplates the magnificent theater Tobias Barreto and its spectacles seen the shirt of the teatral magic.