Sprint Organised Minds

Agile process models in software development, such as E.g. Scrum, enjoy within the IT industry of great popularity. Recently MetLife sought to clarify these questions. With the help of OrganisedMinds, the cloud based business collaboration & management solution of the gleichnlamigen Karlsruhe company OrganisedMinds GmbH, development teams that are distributed in easiest way E.g. at different locations and coordinate way their agile projects and more efficient control in the future. Scrum projects with OrganisedMinds place in only 10 minutes in OrganisedMinds (www.organisedminds.com) implemented a project within a workspace (workspace).

This workspace is created from the Scrum Master in an agile project and completed by inviting all stakeholders to this workspace. In the next step the backlog with features will be filled. Features are represented in OrganisedMinds activities, which have a charge, which takes care of the implementation. Activities can be – delegated to others a useful function for the Scrum Master, of which care of the distribution of work. In addition, more information, such as due date, progress or file attachments can be added to an activity. A special feature of the smart solution OrganisedMinds, is the ability to organize activities in a work room with help from storage piles (stacks). Diarmuid Daltun and Martin Blaha, both Managing Director of OrganisedMinds GmbH, recommend the following procedure: set for each Sprint a stack in your workspace contact. Move the features which are to be developed in this Sprint from the backlog by drag & drop on the applied stack.

In addition to the Sprint stacks, we recommend Scrum masters creating stacks for completed features, found bugs and test bug fixes. Completed and accepted features land then in the workspace archive. So everyone can immediately recognize the State of development and countermeasures if necessary.” Only 10 minutes as Scrum Master can the project create structure, all project members invite to a workspace and the control of the project by means of OrganisedMinds start.