Solidary Popular Economy

The accompaniment is systematic. The leaderships visit the groups, stop next to its integrant ones reflecting concerning the difficulties and strategies of work. The groups of production and commercialization demand a bigger accompaniment. On the other hand, some groups have as participant leaderships of the DUST, which contribute of form accomplish for the process of organization of the group. I detach that our function next to the solidary enterprises is to follow them, we reject the monitoramento idea, we are party to suit, do not want to establish a subordination relation, in which the agent of pastoral, external to the group, said the norms, rules and ways to be followed. The essential joint is part in the constitution of the groups, that face the capitalist market and the culture of the individualism. To accomplish it the partnership between the proper groups is vital, which must be accompanying and not competing, so that it has something different and innovative, are not enough to be a group of alternative production, have that to be open to a new paradigm of social relationship.

Being thus, we stimulate the groups to participate of the social movements, in special, the movement of dismissed workers and the Fruns of the Solidary Popular Economy. Of another part, workshops are offered of formation human being: interpersonal relationship, analysis of conjuncture, sort, solidary consumption, ecology and protection to the environment. The Laboring Pastoral, through its diverse instances, stimulates the participation of the groups in fruns local, regional, state and national of EPS, in order to pressure the governments to become the EPS one public politics. We understand that the organization of alternative groups must become one public politics of responsibility of the State, being indispensable the action of the groups in this perspective. In elapsing of the last years, some groups had conquered the economic consolidation and politics, not needing a systematic accompaniment more than, protagonists had become.