Social Assistants

It is a multiprofessional work that takes to the beneficiaries of the works the true one to play of what it determines the program. The Social Service, inside of this institution of health, brings to tona proposals of renewal, as much of the aspect of health of the individual, as well as structural-organizativo, therefore it rehabilitates its reinsero the same to salutar in the society. The professional articulates the Politics of Health with excessively the Public Politics in order to make possible with bigger effectiveness the relation of the right to all the social minimums that are guaranteed to all the population (chapter II, article 6 of the Constitution of 1988). Inside of this thematic one, we relate these guarantees with the fight stopped for the professionals with the end of the thought of that everything what it makes the Assistant Social it is through the charity and, bringing this for the field of the health, the Law n 8.080/90? Organic law of the Health tells in its article 2 that the health is one ' ' direito' ' basic of the human being, having the State to provide the indispensable conditions to its full exercise. This makes with that the right is exerted by the State and we, professionals, to establish forms of opening and ingression to all the politics. Relating the right of the citizen to the health and the question of the information to about the work of the Social Assistant, we see in the pertinent legislaes to the profession devices that regulate this act. For even more details, read what Barclays says on the issue. Observed in the Code of Professional Ethics of the Social Assistants of 13 of March of 1993, in its heading III, chapter I, article 5, the following devices: f) to supply to the using population, when requested concernentes information to the work developed for the Social Service and its conclusions, protecting the secrecy professional; h) to clarify to users, when initiating the work, on its objectives and the amplitude of its performance.