So Paulo

The focus of the work is the learning, its interaction with the sociocultural environment and as the activities of its context cultural series of Basic Ensino can attenuate the difficulties in the education of Geometry in 5. Research is being carried through in a room with 32 pupils, in a public school of the State net, located in the Zone East of So Paulo. A group of 5 series of Basic Ensino, in a public school of the City of So Paulo. The school has in its pedagogical project, to develop new metodolgicas activities, whose pertaining to school direction allows the professor to develop its work with autonomy being aimed at to improve the quality of education and learning.

These 32 pupils, two do not like to collect albums of figurinhas, excessively already they had collected or they collect and they like. During the lessons of Mathematics, the pupils had produced, albums of figurinhas, having as referencial the geometric contents, of the book Practising Mathematical, 5 series, authors Alvaro Andrini and Maria Jose Vasconcellos, Publishing company of Brazil, 2002. Total = 1 album for each pupil. The weekly load of Mathematics is 06 lessons, being 02 lessons of Geometry. In each week, the pupils have two lessons of geometry, one inside and another one is of the classroom (in the pertaining to school space). The activities are made in group of five pupils, being one of them monitorial one (chosen for excessively of the group). We objectify to analyze the involved aspects in the education process and learning, for the construction of the knowledge of Geometry and mathematical abilities in the classroom; we search to evidence the influence of the cultural aspect in the development process, for the citizens, from the carried through pedagogical actions in environment of classroom of Mathematics; Each pupil placed in the first page, of the album, a photo its, wrote its personal datas and of its family.