Simpson Vegetation

The Pitangui stream, beyond an important tourist point, possesss a diversity of water fish marine candy and fish reasonable, and the same it presents also stretches of ciliar bush alternating with stretches without vegetal covering. The alteration of the vegetation delinquent will be able to cause negative impacts in ictiofauna, in view of that some species of fish have more cold water necessity to obtain to live and if to reproduce. The impacts that cause change can be diverse, as the increase of the temperature of the water due the biggest incidence of solar rays, minor oxygenation of the water due the seaweed proliferation, as well as can affect the maturation of eggs of some species of fish; The vegetation has great importance in what if the interception of nutrients says respect and sediments that adentram the river, exchanges of organic substance enter the terrestrial way and the aquatic one. For this reason, we opt to testing the influence of the vegetal covering on ictiofauna of the Pitangui stream, in the city of Extremoz, Rio Grande of the North. We have as objective to verify the importance of the vegetal covering for the community of fish through the comparison a stretch of the stream with the presence of ciliar vegetation and above of the Cachoeirinha de Pitangui that can serve as barrier for the water and salty water fish candy, and the other stretch without the influence of the ciliar vegetation and below of the waterfall enters, being a estuarina region. From collections with a net of Drag we will go to verify if it has difference in the composition of species found in the places covered for the vegetation delinquent or in the opened stretches, above and below of the fall d’ water. As analysis of the data we will use the index of diversity of Simpson, Wealth, Equitabilidade and Test t as method of comparison of the two areas to base the part statistics of our work. With this, we also wait to acquire knowledge the native population and the visitors, for the preservation and conservation of ictiofauna and the ambient integrity of the rivers. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: Water fish candy, ciliar vegetation, estuary, ambient awareness, impacts in the population of fish.