Silva Grandson

E with that Love they took care of of the children! attended sinh, treating marks that socos and kicks left to it in the body; brightening up, with affectionate attitudes meigas and, the wounds who remained in the soul. In the cares with the children they had created until proper vocabulary, enriching our language. Thus, to cagar capsized to make coconut; to eat the Pope, Pope; to sleep started to be nan; to mijar became to make pee. Quanta ternura coming of where the white men less waited! They created foods, delicious candies and liquors to please I love it and its visiting constants? the compliments were collected by Mr., never for sinh. with the meat remaining portions that were sent for senzala had created the feijoada one, that one of appreciated plates of the Brazilian culinria would become more.

They took care of to all with immense pleasure and devotion and looked for to satisfy all the gostos I love of it and sinh, but they did not escape of the ferrenho yoke of the chibata, that feudal Mr. lived in the hand as one cetro to symbolize its absolute power. How the Love would have to survive in a so ominous social environment to its sublime emanations? With the romantismo of the literatos prisoner in the pages of books to embolorar in the bookshelves of one few privileged ones? Without schools and with other people’s a social environment avesso and the cultural manifestations? Hindering it exempts it manifestation of the thought of the children and young and, consequentemente, stifling all and any contribution that could give for the improvement of the fabric social? We will better understand the gift from an ample and deep study of the past, for then being able to reorient our behavior with sights to the future that we long for us and for the society.