Seven Screeners – ZEMMLER Into 3 Fractions!

The double drum of the ZEMMLER MULTI SCREEN MS 2001 allows the screening in 3 groups. Grossraschen. The fine of the rough seven is the determination of the company ZEMMLER screening plants from Grossraschen. Actually an ancient process in humanity but with the mounted in Grossraschen, mobile double drum filter plant ZEMMLER MULTI SCREEN MS 2001 owner Heiko Zemmler the separation of various materials to perfection brought. The peculiarity of the 13.4-ton machine lies in their functioning.

Have conventional drum screening machine as the final two separate fractions from a raw material screened result, so the ZEMMLER produces 2001 three separate from screenings as a result MULTI SCREEN MS at the end of a cycle. With a capacity of up to 150 m per hour, is to put the 10.10 m long and 3.8 metres high machine capable of true mountains, or more precisely to fractionate. So can this wheeled mobile machine E.g. compost, soil, sand, slag, gravel, gravel, woodchips, trash, stones and mineral Clean seven waste of 2-80 mm. On the fractionation in three parts, I am particularly proud, because that sets us apart from other drum screening machine”the entrepreneur from Grossraschen turns out proudly. The material is fed into the hopper, which has a capacity of up to 4.8 m, m. Following the material in the double drum bespannbaren outdoor basket variable, consisting of a steel and robust inner basket and one with wire screens of various mesh sizes, enters.

What the inner basket can not keep, is captured by the outer basket, the proportion of fine is discharged through a third conveyor. A mountain of rubble is sifted out, the ZEMMLER can be placed 2001 MULTI SCREEN MS with hitch, with 40 mm or 50 mm move eyes, to the next location. To develop this characteristic of the fractionation into three components, CEO Heiko Zemmler experience, in his long career as a customer service technician at stationary screeners in gravel pits and quarries. In the year 2000 the entrepreneur seized the opportunity and started his own business in this business field. In 2002, he became sales partner for mobile screening plants of a Danish manufacturer. And the success story of the ambitious entrepreneur, continues with the purchase of the technology in 2007 and own production of double drum screeners in Grossraschen, traffic between Berlin and Dresden to Highway 13.