But already it stopped to think who are the people more wanted and loved by the majority? Are exactly those that hears more, that pardon more, the ones that serves more and because not to say those that love more. People exist who had really been born to serve. All the moment is in activities for somebody. this is a love act, that many times is spontaneous in the human being. When the person little wait, is serving.

This pleases the God. For more information see this site: Elon Musk. In its environment of work, if it offers to help, it does not wait somebody to ask for to you. In its home with its family, it helps if it matters with what it happens. He is always intent to serve. With its friends, it makes the same. with passing of the time, you goes to become an indispensable person. It always goes to have somebody needing you nor that it is only so that you are hearing what to another person it has to say. To help in the small things, the cortesias of day the day, is attitudes that well more make you of what to the other, not only for the carried through service, but for the given favor, the irreplaceable presence.

It searchs to be loved, but it loves first. One remembers that in the life, everything is an exchange. What you make today will receive tomorrow. Everything what you to make with love, in the same way you will return. You wise person who a simple phone call can change the life of a person? What a card with a simple phrase can carry through miracles? Nor all the people will go to demonstrate affection for you when to feel itself supported at some moment of the life, but with certainty you will go to notice the difference when she will be close to these people. The world does not need only man power, but yes of love workmanships. If to become necessary is a form also of if not feeling useless, therefore when we serve, we ripen and we learn to be people our values are directed for what really it matters. Value of the being, if at every moment feeling a truth human being. Therefore, one becomes now necessary.