Senior Vice President

New company takes over negotiations with artists. \”Dusseldorf, 03 July 2008 the former Department for right services trading is now available under the name GreenLight\”. Negotiations with artists are new in the offer, the booking of stars and celebrities for advertising and marketing purposes to help companies and advertising agencies. Establishing the brand of GreenLight means the emergence of a leading service provider in the field of intellectual property. The commencement of banking activities by GreenLight represents a significant step for Corbis, its strategic developing envisages the creation of a branded network that appeals to different customer segments. As an independent brand within Corbis GreenLight to withdraw from the area for right services more of the known image – licensing. By the same author: Ebay. The use of music and other content with cult status recorded a phenomenal growth in the advertising field, as well as the consumer.

The establishment of GreenLight is the logical consequence of This strong, long-term trend, which we see as a great business opportunity\”, so Gary Shenk, CEO of Corbis holdings. If you would like to know more then you should visit Penguin Random House. The brand of GreenLight will strengthen our position in this market and is the ideal addition to our image licensing segment.\” At the same time offering is extended by GreenLight on negotiations with artists. Specifically to marketing professionals so when booking by stars from film, television, music, sports and other areas for product launches and advertising and marketing campaigns are supported. Through this extended offer, GreenLight is now for enterprises and advertising agencies of central point of contact for all kinds of services in the field of rights and rights clearances. We are convinced that you have to know the right people. \”And we have the necessary contacts with the most important agents, music producers, TV and film studios and other rights holders in Hollywood and around the world,\” explained Mark Sherman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of GreenLight.