Seduction Through Perfumes

Seduction is the driving force that drives us to do things in life. Be considered temptresses for the rest of the people, be regarded, being appreciated, could become the ultimate goal of many. For this reason, seduction is one of existential themes that occupy more room, especially in today’s culture. And one of the most important components of seduction is the smell. This is scientifically proven, since numerous studies have shown the relationship between odor and human behavior. Then, it is no exaggeration to say that a scent can fall, and in fact perfumes fall in love.

Choosing a perfume should be considered as a strategy of seduction. Thus, a perfume should complement the personality of whoever uses it into a whole, which is reflected in his attire, how to proceed, how to act and express themselves. So much so, that would be a mistake to choose a fragrance just because we have felt that another person uses it. It is a fact that perfumes interact in a particular way as the skin of those who use it, why could the case of a perfume that is ideal for one person, but that is not so well when used another. Find the ideal perfume for each can become a task that demands several years of evidence of trial and error, until you find that particular fragrance that characterizes us, that improves and increases our capacity for seduction. The most convenient is to buy perfume, and use it for a while to verify the manner in which this interacts with our own skin and our personal vibes throughout the day. It is also a fact that perfume doesn’t smell similarly on skin newly placed that with the passage of time, because temperature and skin oils change the final bouquet. The ability to test perfume should not exceed four or five perfumes by day, because physiologically speaking, the olfactory cells of the nose are saturated and lose ability to discern the different notes. When one decides to buy a perfume, the most convenient is bring some coffee beans in a handkerchief and smelling them between test and test, to clear the nostrils and clean the molecules which may still remain in the olfactory receptors. As a final recommendation we can add find that particular perfume may take several years of testing, but once it is achieved, it becomes an extremely powerful tool to strengthen our personality and to seduce the world.