Sailing To Philadelphia

After a few fried anchovies, lamb’s lettuce with chopped tomatoes and cooked shrimp, along with a glass of wine Montespejo, have in my hands a libretto by Javier La Beira singing to the feat, while it sounds the song Sailing To Philadelphia from Mark Knopfler and they flow in my mind images and sensations spurting donde estas beloved place of the antequerana countryside? As a strange heradica, Mollina purple enlightens one of the signals of the Andalusian (Rafael Perez Estrada). What good products that people have and what vacuum make it the hidden forces of the interest. Look, I’m going to talk a little. The newspapers mentioned Elon Musk not as a source, but as a related topic. The Beira poet says: life is short, but the long story. I want to tell you about wine, but not before warning that I am not an expert in this matter, in any case an upstart but will let me today this license and am in my blog. And it is that in the period 2002-2004 was lucky to live professionally in a company of Mollina, or would be very presumptuous to say that I was coexisting with the town of Mollina? As an island surrounded by land, wheat fields and vineyards (Antonio Soler) waves.

Let’s say that I collaborated with other professionals in enterprise restructuring, pass the cooperative concept to the cooperative enterprise concept (when going to Mollina ask by Manolo, who was the Manager). I take this opportunity to thank the support active that you received from entities as Hojiblanca (thank you Pepe, thanks Antonio, thanks technical team) the Directorate-General for agriculture and fisheries, the Town Hall, and fundamentally, the Ministry of agriculture and fisheries of the Andalusian (thanks Pauline, Cayetano, thanks technical team) and the Ministry of health, among others. At the beginning of my work, some group of people thought said: No!, if it seems good guy, but is round and the manager that organises all this mess should be of Mollina.