Safety Doors

The design of the door box affects: burglary. To be precise, it affects not the box, but the way it accession to the wall. But one or the other way because selected depending on the design of steel box dveri.Obschy appearance of an apartment or private domStepen noise and sound insulation. Speaking of the supporting structure need to focus on what are the main characteristics of the most important: u thickness steel door leaf thickness u u steel door frame fit leaf to the door frame thickness u leaf thickness of the door frame u u u Steel Surface Filling leaf leaf u presence of seals on the perimeter of the box steel door locking system is quite significant for the steel door. That depends on the choice of the castle the reliability of your steel doors and the safety of your apartment, as well as a sense of calm. Main the most important element of locking system is a lock.

Locks depending on the mechanism are cylinder and lever. The executive part of any castle – the core – is different privacy: basic, intermediate, and advanced. The level of secrecy affects burglary of the castle and the degree of confrontation between various unauthorized actions. By locking system also include and crossbars, which operates directly blocking the door. Number of bolts lock can vary from two to six, not including additional that may be located at the bottom or top of the leaf and are actuated by means of traction.

For a steel door fittings include a call peephole, door hinges, handles, bronenakladki. When choosing hinges for steel doors should pay attention to their appearance (screw, hinged) side (right, left-handed) and the opening angle (90 , 120 , 180 ), the material of which they are made (brass, steel), as well as their quantity. The higher the weight of a steel door, the greater the number of loops to be installed, but no more than 4. This is due to the fact that the steel door under his weight may sag, and the loop would stymie this. And, of course, for the exterior steel doors is recommended to install hidden hinges, otherwise it is better to set even further and antisrezy. When choosing a steel door handles to keep in mind the principle of their action (Push, stationary), mode of attachment to the door, the material and material handling. Choosing the eye for a steel door, you need to bet on the viewing angle, body material (plastic, metal), the lens material (glass, plastic) the presence of the damper, clarity, range of views, length of eye. Among the characteristics of the doorbell to provide a wired or wireless, as well as the power source (battery, a transformer). And end I would like to add that in choosing steel doors, one must pay attention not only on their appearance and reflect on how they fit into the interior (although this is important), but do not forget about design features, their advantages and disadvantages. For more information, go to the site