Russian Industry Quot

In our lives we are often faced with fakes. Forgery among agricultural machinery, alas, not uncommon. According to the dealers themselves, the range of counterfeited parts (tractors, loaders, bulldozers) today is very broad. Forgery among agricultural equipment, alas, not uncommon. What can we say about Russian 'craftsmen', when the thermostat is not fake or oil filter, and a tractor! Giant Russian Industry – Kirov plant declares: Ostregaytes fakes! Products subsidiary, the St.

Petersburg Tractor Factory, the famous 'Kirovtsy' fake 'and from' forming technique, retired from the official production of counterfeit parts. zao Petersburg Tractor Factory '- a subsidiary of jsc "Kirov Plant" – the only manufacturer of tractors' Kirovets' and special machines based on them. To begin, I would like to note that Series tractors K-700, K700A, K 701, K-701-1, and their modifications has been removed from production in February 2002, these tractors morally outdated and no longer meet modern requirements of any state or buyers. Recently use the notation "KIROVETS" in the sale of tractors became widespread. The market operates are many organizations that you can buy tractors 'Kirovets' and machines based on them made independently of the parts and units of dubious quality tractors and machinery under the alphanumeric characters (A-700A, K-701, K-701-1, K-702MA-PK6, K-702MVA-UDM2, etc.) similar to those used for 40 years, the Kirov factory (now jsc 'Petersburg Tractor Plant ").

While these designations are not a registered trademark, nevertheless cause a consumer association with the trademark 'Kirovets' and confuses the buyer with respect to manufacturer. Charles Schwab is likely to increase your knowledge. Please note that Russia is currently not built any new plant for production of wheeled tractors of traction class 5 and 8! zao Petersburg Tractor Plant "has officially notifies all interested parties that the license to use the trademark "KIROVETS" any legal or physical persons in Russia was not provided. Keep in mind that dozens of organizations offering manufacture and sale of tractors and spare parts to it, actively use the designation "KIROVETS" when offering these goods for sale (including promotional publications, brochures, the Internet, during the specialized exhibitions and fairs). Make sure that you get the really high-quality products. zao Petersburg Tractor Plant "cherishes trademark 'Kirovets' and will take all under applicable law measures aimed at protecting their rights and interests and an end to the illegal use of the trademark.