Royal Academy

One of the words that causes more fear is failure by all the negative connotation that we have given, in addition to all the emotional charge that carries the same. According to the dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish language failure is an adverse outcome for a company or business. However, in our society as competitive created a tendency to stigmatize those who fails and make them believe that they must pay for their adverse results. While that rises to the winners almost to the status of heroes. But let’s impartially what is a failure. Failure is not obtain the desired result to undertake something new, however this attempt leaves us a lot of information, that know how to use it, is us more productive than success on many occasions. In what sense? To be successful only we have a positive outcome to our actions but that doesn’t guarantee that success is permanent, in case of failure, we receive feedback that tells us what is wrong and what should improved. Indeed great entrepreneurs embrace failures since they are the way to go to refine a project in such a way that arriving to eventually succeed you can be sure that the long road traveled has left them a great knowledge on the subject and has made them so it more strong and subject matter experts.

Therefore we begin to see the failure with new eyes; not as a curse and something of which we should be ashamed, instead we see failure as an opportunity to learn, improve and strengthen us. Thus the fear of undertaking something new by fear of failure will tend to disappear and we will therefore be more encouraged to experiment new things again and again, try to be some experts on the subject and get success. A clear example of the foregoing are either athletes or dancers who have to rehearsing long hours and perhaps lose many competences, suffer injuries and falls before achieving crowned champions or renowned dancers. The fact of continue trying over and over again despite adverse outcomes It is persistence and this, not only a great quality of human character, but one of the most powerful tools in the achievement of our objectives. The taste of success will also be sweeter after rising without having given up the long ladder of failures.