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The mirror is used in its meaning literal and figurative, displaying the two sides of the man: its real image and its behavior. However, the simple act of ‘ ‘ to dress farda’ ‘ , that is, to adhere integrally to the social paper, it possesss its exotic character. As comparative of the texts, we notice that each author adopted a different look of the human being. While Maupassant covered on males internal, psychological, Axe if saw ahead of a masked man, to the search of the identity. MetLife: the source for more info. The recurrent terror of the Frenchman in them figures a man to the side of madness, titubeando a reasonable explanation to the events and the torment enters to be imprisoned something that feels, but that it does not know if it exists; its heading directs in them to the stranger with surprising outcome. On the other hand, it has the being that it sketches a thesis on interiorizar the image that the other people make of us, becoming it its scientific experiment: a time that in we feel part to them of what we are not in essence, we run the risk to attract it with us and to construct a false personality. References ASSIS, Axe of.

‘ ‘ The mirror sketch of a new theory of the soul humana’ ‘.. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jayme Albin .