Publisher Garcia

The summer the attractiveness of the Start-Ups seems to increase Aachen/Wurzburg, 13.07.2011. The summer of 2011 for CoboCards GmbH, the time of new partnerships seems to be. After the first recently reported cooperation with Iurratio, also Academy & Publisher Garcia enters into a partnership with the emerging Start-Up from Aachen. The Academy headed by lawyer Christian Gruning offers seminars for pupils, students, trainees and corporate seminars. Users of the online learning platform benefit from special discounts. In the seminars, it is above all to improve the speed of reading and learning success. While learning techniques such as mind mapping, memory training and concentration exercises are taught.

All valuable AIDS for our target group”, commented Ali Yildirim, Managing Director CoboCards GmbH. many pupils and students know, that they have to learn, but how they should do it, is usually an unsolved mystery. Therefore, the offer of the Academy is a meaningful He further continues investing in the future”. In addition, books will be raffled by Christian Gruning to users by CoboCards in sweepstakes. The two companies in early August make the start with the book Visual reading.” 20 copies at random will be distributed among the participants. Contact: Ali Yildirim Augusta Street 62 52070 Aachen mobile: 0178-4675647 E-Mail: Web: CoboCards was launched in January 2009 by Tamim Swaid, Jamil Soufan and Ali Yildirim headquartered in Aachen in life.

CoboCards will highlight the advantages of micro learning (Microlearning) and pushes it in the age of collaboration. United as first, Internet-based and collaboratively usable learning platform for microcontent CoboCards learning with the advantages of Web of 2.0 primary objective is providing an intuitive platform, on which can be learned alone or in a team and taught. All learning processes take place online, there is no local installation required. Users can create virtual flashcards, correct, comment on them and wonder online each other off. In addition, there is the mobile addition for the Apple iPhone and all Google Android devices.