Psychologist Work

FATIGUE IN the WORK the work is an inherent activity to the individual while to be social. Click Ebay for additional related pages. The man passes great part of its life in this environment, then he needs to find a balance to have satisfaction, or then he will be unhappy. In relation to the organization of the work, always one had complaints on the part of the workers, in question the unhealthy environments, inadequate conditions, low wages, threat of unemployment, pressure, among others claims, what it finishes directly affecting the workers in question the physical and mental health. Knowing that this can cause many complications, as affective depression, upheavals, neurasthenia and so on, the responsible professional for the inserted mental health in the company, generally a psychologist, must find ways to watch over for the general health of the company, since it can disclose itself in workers of different types of activities. The current denomination for this type of fatigue is ' ' Syndrome of the Crnica&#039 Fatigue; '. Considered of extreme importance, therefore ace is related work conditions, reflecting in the performance of the worker, and in addition, he is negative for how much in such a way physical mental health. Considered a physical exhaustion and serious and chronic metal, it is an internal disequilibrium of the person, provokes the alteration of the psychosomatic state associates to the work environment, intervening with the daily life. Its main symptoms can cause damage the memory and concentration, migraines, upheavals in sleep, weakness, irritability, giddiness, among others.

Currently classified in the family of ' ' Neurticos&#039 upheavals; ' , she is enclosed in the nosolgica, as CID 10, but not described entity in the Manual and Statisticians of the Mental Disturbances. We know that when has this type of fatigue in an organization, the two sides leave losing. It enters the diverse consequences in the work environment, the fatigue can cause low income, risks of if involving in accident, to commit errors that perhaps involve the life of the employee and even of third. We can perceive that this subject is well complex, then needs an ample gamma of looks to inside brighten up this danger of the organization. It must be evaluated what it comes occurring in the last times, the transformations, the risks that the workers are displayed. The Psychologist together with another professional of the company must reflect and search solutions short, medium and long run, of preference acting with the SESMT and the CIPA, similar to find ways and to carry through changes that are beneficial the health of the worker. They can elaborate a preventive program, approaching personal and organizacionais aspects, to promote lectures, quarrels or debates, so that thus they can identify with more clarity what it is propitiating this syndrome, and the one that is related. To search knowledge on illnesses related to the work, allows the identification of the mental workers who are suffering from upheaval in its condition of work, similar to create changes in this half. Unhappyly the study on this syndrome she is scarce, we wait that the researchers come back to the study of this so important subject that it is a form to treat the worker as subject, whose rights must be respected and whose health, physical as in such a way mental, must be established as priority in the politics of the organization. Djenifher Serafim Fuckner Student of Business administration