Promotion Campaign

Until we can start with the promotion of our product, service, website, blog, etc; It is necessary to define it correctly. Does that define it?. It is performing a prior plan to follow, clearly identifying the ways, means and objectives to achieve. That is a campaign of promotion? You can define as the entire set of strategic actions that take place to achieve a certain goal. It must distinguish the promotion losPlanes promotion campaigns. While the campaigns seeking short-term or results in rather small time periods, the promotion Plan seeking long term. Ultimately, the promotion Plan would be made up of a set of campaigns.

Establish objectives the objectives of each campaign do not have to be measured in sales or income. It may be focused to increase the number of visits, the subscribers, get more sponsors, or any goal to be pursued. It is clear that all of them will lead to the main final goal which is the increase our income. Order of objectives arise even if there is a formula that will tell us the order of promotion campaigns that we have to perform, I consider that the following order is appropriate in order to successfully develop any business: 1-campaign to generate more visits: the first step is undoubtedly run a campaign with the aim of achieving good qualified traffic. Furthermore, as it is proven almost the total number of people do not purchase on their first visit to a site, it is necessary to take measures which pursue the objective of return to that visitor, i.e.

fidelizarlo. 2 – To obtain more prospects: the second step would be to conduct a campaign in order to increase our subscribers. Only after getting a good list of subscribers, it is the moment to try sales, since it is much easier to sell to active subscribers to new visitors. 3 – To achieve more sales: here is just where we will focus the campaign on sales. Hundreds of measures can be taken to the promotion, but I always recommend focusing on benefits and more benefits of our products and/or services. 4 – To create an image of brand or branding: in this case our objective will be to disseminate our brand and get the public to identify it with certain values. This objective is usually achieved in the long term, as it requires more time exposure these objectives of campaigns are those that I consider most important to carry out. They can be done in one or together, although I recommend when we are starting a business or in the case of a product or new service, they make a one for the time and in that order. You can also view these tricks to multiply your original sales Online author and source of the article.