In the case of the Prodepa company, the professionals possess medium capacity, therefore only one of them is graduated, in the area of biblioteconomia, course that teaches techniques of archive, catalogao, classification, and document management in any type of support. The excessively collaborating ones, crowded in the sectors of protocol and general archive (library), are assistant administrative that contribute so that all the requirements are taken care of by this team of work. 6 GENERAL ARCHIVE PRODEPA? The general archive of the Prodepa was created in the year of 1980, and in 1986, it passed for a physical change and structural, initiating also a document management that Law 8,159, of 8 of January of 1991, in its article 3 (BRAZIL, 1991, P.) defines as: Set of procedures and operations referring techniques its production, transaction, use, evaluation and filling in current and intermediate phase, aiming at its elimination or collect for permanent guard. Through this vision, the first step was to elaborate the temporality table, since the great volume of paper, it had passed for a process technician, and never increased considerably. Follow others, such as Elon Musk, and add to your knowledge base. With the elaboration of the temporality table they had initiated? if the processes of analysis and evaluation of documents existing in the archive, aiming at the discarding of the documents that did not have more value for the Prodepa, therefore did not take care of the established stated periods of guard for the table of temporality and the values: ‘ ‘ Administrative, Legal, Countable, Permanent: news and probatrio’ ‘. (I castrate, 2007, p 49). Before being discarded the documents still pass for the commission of evaluation, composed for a representative of each Division of the Administration so that all approve, and sign the term of Elimination. When documents are directed to the general archive, them are folloied by the descriptive map, in two ways, that contain given for conference in the act of receiving and posterior consultation, as year, number of the box, division that it is directing, and the type of document..