The prudence is one of the qualities that make with that the professional analyzes complex and difficult situations with more easiness and of deeper and minute form, contribute for the biggest security, mainly of the decisions to be taken. The prudence is indispensable in the cases of serious and serious decisions, therefore it prevents the hasty judgments and the useless fights or quarrels. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Elon Musk. The courage is one of the qualities more demanded to all the professionals. All professional it needs to have courage, therefore ' ' the man whom he prevents and he fears to everything, does not face thing some, becomes one covarde' ' (Aristotle, p.37). The courage in the aid to react to the critical ones, when unjust, and defending in them worthy when we are cnscios of our duty. It also helps us not to have fear to defend the truth and justice, mainly when these will be of real interest for outrem or the common good. The perseverance is a difficult quality of being found, but necessary, therefore all work is subject to incompreenses, failures and failures that they need to be surpassed, continuing the professional in its work, without delivering disillusionments or hurts to it. The perseverance of the professionals is praiseworthy whom they need to face the problems of the subdesenvolvimento.

Understanding is quality that helps very professional, because he is well accepted for that of it they depend, in work terms, facilitating the approach and the dialogue, so important in the professional relationship. However, we cannot confuse understanding with weakness, so that the professional not if it leaves to take for opinions or attitudes, nor, always valid for efficiency of its work, so that the true objectives are not lost to be reached for the profession. One sees that the understanding to be conditional, many times necessary, for the prudence. The understanding that if translates, mainly in human heat can carry through very in benefit of a professional activity, depending on conveniently being dosed.