Professional Portraits

Photograph – a form of image rights. High-grade photograph can convey a wealth of information about the object being photographed. In particular, the peculiarities of his appearance, emotional status, social status, etc. Even the most simple studio portrait can reveal the nature and depth of human soul, which is especially evident in the expression of the face and in her eyes. There is no strict classification selection of portraits. In the most general sense, all portraits conventionally divided into group and individual. If you are not tied to any particular base, you may find the following types of portraits. The classic photograph.

Is a shoulder or a half-length portrait of the classical formulation of lighting, the standard posture and hand position. Full-scale photograph. Photography produced in nature without additional sources of light. Conceptual photograph. Photographed object appears in a certain way, sending shooting plan. Romantic photograph. Using the appropriate details for creating a gentle, romantic image.

Corporate photograph. Represents a survey of employees of any company, for example, posters, brochures, etc. Reportage photograph. Used in creating report on some event, phenomenon or person. For example, a wedding photo shoot – a typical version of reportage photography. Genre photograph. Photographing a person in familiar surroundings or at the workplace. Based on the features of the composition and selection of shooting plan, can be divided into those kinds of portraits, like the shoulder, waist and a full-length photograph. Shoulder photograph. Photos are taken at close range in the frame are just head and shoulders model.