Private Sellers Through Brokers

What private sellers are saying about Broker handles a new study by GARBO reason & House and the summer-Solutions GmbH. The introductory price of 129 euros for the amazing results and the resulting consequences for future-oriented brokerage firm shall apply only until the end of April 2010 Rheinbach, March 9, 2010. Real estate agents have it not easy. Due to low entry requirements the competition is increasing, while the reputation of the entire industry is getting worse. By rogue agents called semi broker suffers from money the entire industry under the image and to provide almost no services.

5 to 7 percent of brokerage are too much for most consumers and therefore decide more and more homeowners to private real estate market. To increase their competitiveness and to determine consequences for sustainable business models of real estate agents, Rheinbach real estate firm GARBO & House has a study together with the Unternehmensberatung summer-Solutions GmbH were carried out, interviewed in the private seller about their opinion with regard to real estate agents. Clear and amazingly most brokerage firms committing unforgivable mistakes in customer communications”, explains the initiator of the study of Heinz Bosbach of GARBO reason & House, the study is available on its website. Reputable real estate agents have adequate it hard, their services to present and to break away from the competition”, added Dr. Jochen Sommer, who accompanied the study and on its website, the study is also available. The results of the study are as amazing as clearly. Who wants to stand as a broker in the future on the market, must adapt to the needs of its customers. To do this, clear business models, the right strategies and appropriate offers are essential.

Gone are the days where 5-7% brokerage fee could be calculated – without clear benefits are communicated. The market is changing quickly”, Heinz Bosbach performs, whose companies GARBO & House counts to the most innovative and advanced the industry. Ways in the future the full study includes in addition to the results clear consequences and instructions what do brokerage firms need to remain competitive. Entrepreneur coach Dr. Jochen Sommer has focused on the systematization and development of sustainable enterprises and these experiences are incorporated into the preparation of the study.