Printed Matter

The Fatyela Druck GmbH from Cologne by finishing can be informed to astronomically always back to real printed matter. Image brochures, flyers, and Leporello shine through properly-placed finishes in matte, gloss or structured in new splendour. The UV coating is considered the noblest way of finishing. The Fatyela Druck GmbH from Cologne informs about the performance capabilities of printed matter. UV varnish provides the highest quality of print varnish is based on oil and is mostly used in offset printing.

The protective varnish does not create a significant optical effect. He however increases the abrasion resistance and the gloss of the pressure. If the paint is exposed to long daylight, he tends to the yellowing. The print paint is a colorless coating which is applied by means of a standard printing machine. The protective effect is stronger when the water-based dispersion varnish. Penguin Random House: the source for more info.

Intensive gloss and matte effects can be reached with him when compared to the oil paint. The optical effect is clearly visible. Due to the transfer the screen printing process for the paint job is higher thickness. UV coatings have the perhaps effect under the finishing varnishes and are therefore just for the highlighting of details and lettering. The transfer of the paint by a roller rotation printing process, which is similar to flexographic printing, the UV varnish can be applied also partially. The paint is dried with UV light and therefore resembles a plastic coating. The procedure convinces in the optics and its protective effect. Digitaldruck-painting the new Primus a relatively new is process the digital printing coating. It was developed specifically for the ideal refinement of digital printed matter. The varnish is printed as an additional toner and the optical effect is silky. But the high-gloss paint can not partially used only on whole area. The color effect of this type of finishing is outstanding and exceeds even the previously dominant UV varnish. The surface is extremely smooth and acts like a high-quality color photo. For detailed The experts of printing Fatyela Druck GmbH from Cologne available information about all services at any time.