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Combat the description of mentalities: superficial and descriptive. B) To tie to study of the daily a explicativas totalities (***) Long duration yes! Inertia, immutability not! To share the shortness with the long duration. Source: CARDOSO, Ciro Flamarion and VAINFAS, Ronaldo (org.) Domnios de Histria: assays of theory and methodology. Rio De Janeiro; Campus, 1997, P. 141-46). (*) (M.V.) Volvelle admits that the analysis of the totality in one or another layer, Popular or the Elite, can become the reducionista historical study. (**) (M.V.) In short, in terms of collective representations, the man can more be evolved of what he assumed himself, considering its capacity.

(***) (M.V.) it is rejected idea of a passivity of the masses conservatives, or receiving the force, to an imposed message. (***) (M.V.) and (1) (J.G.). conjunctural history, that follows a slower rhythm; in depth, a structural history of long duration, that puts in cause the centuries, that is, nouvelle histoire. (2) (J.G.) exactly recognizing that the historiogrfica school the one that if filiava, the School of the Annales, did not give to relevance the biography, it was decided for publishing two books of ample public repercussion: The life of So Lus and another dedicated a San Francisco de Assis. (2) (J.G.) to erect one ‘ ‘ new type of histria’ ‘ come back the research to interdisciplinar, the valuation of exemplary problems, to the rescue of a history of the sensibilidades.

(3) (J.G.) The history of history if does not have to worry only about the professional production, but about all a set of phenomena that constitute the historical culture or, better, historical mentality of a time. FINAL CONSIDERAES Two personalities, two temperaments, two ways of boarding it man, harmonizing itself in a combination that made possible the franqueamento of the borders of history. The most important contribution of both, was to expand the field of history for diverse areas. The territory of history was extended, enclosing unexpected areas of the human behavior, being also associates with other sciences. This contribution to interdisciplinar remained sixty years, a phenomenon without precedents in the history of social sciences for more than. To finish, we are in it I wait of the appearance of 4 generation of the Annales. ‘ ‘ Without the conscience of modernity it would not have more differences and, then, it would not have more history, and until the not-differences, that is, the permanncias, would not be percebidas.’ ‘ (Le Goff) Edusc REFERENCES? Psychoanalysis and history of mentalities? Luiz Carlos Ucha Junqueira Son History? Voltaire Schilling? History of the Mentalities Wikipdia Apostila World-wide Historiogrfica Production Universid UNIVERSE. Salty of Oliveira the Positivismo, the Annales and New History – Angela Birardi, Glucia Rodrigues Castelani, Luiz Fernando B. Belatto () History of the Mentalities and Micron-history? Izac Evangelista ()