Determine geography of the site. To determine the region to be designed website. The task at first glance quite simple but do not underestimate the importance of selecting the region, which will be designed website. Selection of Regions directly affects the number of language versions of the site, as well as the budget and the complexity of the promotion. Step 5 – Determine the target audience of the site.

A very important step, based on the results of which will be developed Future of site design and style, of course, the content of the site. You should be very clearly identified the age structure and social status of the target audience. Step 6 – Analyze competitors’ sites. Necessary to study in detail and analyze the sites of direct competitors. The result should be a list of successful solutions implemented on the sites of competitors. Naturally, you should not copy the competitor’s site, but already in place and successfully employed the solution is not only possible but also necessary to take into service.

Just pay attention to the competitors used methods and techniques for site promotion. Step 7 – Presentation and analysis of the solutions in the subject area. After studying and analyzing sites of immediate competitors is acquainted with the decisions that are implemented on the sites of recognized world leaders in your industry. Of course, not all solutions used world leaders in your industry can prove to be relevant in your case, but perhaps with a little refinement, taking into account the characteristics of your organization, you will receive a new efficient solution. Step 8 – Development list of requirements for the site. Based on step 1, 6, 7 to develop the list of general requirements for the site. This step can be named interim at this stage should again be summarized and analyzed all information collected in process.