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He has done the Peruvian State for Apurimac? In addition to exploit its mines and take the riches of that town, he hasn’t done anything, only look with indifference as die of hunger, abandonment, this population undernourished. Where are the glass of milk, school breakfasts, the construction of hospitals? Where they are soup kitchens, because it does not give them technical assistance, loans so that they cultivate better Earth? There is much to be done, not just declarations, deceitful promises of dealing with them, if not rather put hands into action and begin work on the construction of roads, hospitales(no postas medicas) in electrification, for that town. Not us jactemos of growth, development, the progress of Peru, if we have to our Andean brothers in Apurimac, in the most terrible poverty and abandonment. Worse still, if we allow that they threaten them to expel them from their lands, to be able to exploit more mines in them and not give them anything by the riches that extracted from there. Think of bring development to those places, where more than safe, my housing, Techo Propio, won’t, or you are interested in go. Let’s be fair, let’s help our brothers natives of the Amazon, but also to the of the walk. Our brothers of Apurimac. We do not contaminemos its waters, with mining waste, we do not condemn them to die. The population of Apurimac, needs the help of the State, labour, electricity, water, roads. alviseg2008@yahoo. It is Muscle related Blogs blog monitor progress Can you identify to Peru fruit that I found at the market? THE UNFAIRNESS of the soccer is Prime with ‘BECKS’ Attached to the stick magazine NTEK technology Microsoft highlights new opportunities on some sides people is slowly opening eyes, on Servindi Peru: position of CONFIEP ILO report makes Bonanza for Old Mumbai Firms install new lighting in the El Progreso district Bleeding Violet by Reeves YA Novel Review Manga Maniac Cafe latitude football day Posts classic opportunities