Portuguese Language

To the times if to see a young Of aspect in advance In the penxs is a doctor But it always lives drugged Say that this is advance Therefore to die itself will be rest Prefers to live tired. (SAINTS, 2006, p.4) the popular poet, Zez de Boquim, worked a real situation, that is the use of the drugs, to show through the direct language its consequences and the demoralization of the individual before the society, it he worked the way that it is inserted, the geographic space and its sequels. twine involves a diversity of formats to be enclosed in the methodologies of education of disciplines Portuguese Language in classroom, using the current subjects and of social matrix. The transversalidade of the Portuguese language can be boarded in two questions: the language as vehicle of representations, conceptions and the language with its partner-cultural value. In such a way, its attitude of instrumentation and social intervention in the criteria and metodolgicos principles in projects of studies and research.

If adjusted to the language in instances of the orality, one forms more competent treat in the relation between the interlocutors and the communicative intention. To establish the motivation in relation to this aspect of the popular culture and to all organize a process of application and stimulatons in aiming to the main factor, that is the presentation, recognition of the origin and enjoyment of the Twine Literature. The research revealed of utmost importance, in view of that the cultural values to be repassed in process of education and learning of curricular contents. The forms of preconception of speak do not have no rational recital, demand that the values and certainties of the sociolingstica are investigated. If related to the absence of knowledge and intolerncia of a speech with ideological dimension. Which relates the marks left in the context with its conditions of production, paradoxicalally serving of ideological formation.