Policeman Security

They had forbidden the cover of the pressure pan; that is, they allege that he does not have the right to the strike (maintenance of only 30% of the fleet for attendance to the emergenciais situations), BUT, do not search ways effective to take care of to the legitimate yearnings for valuation of this professional category! The fact is that true the Military Policemen have fact miracles in the streets where daily they are displayed to the hard reality of the lack of resources and recognition and, still thus, what it is seen daily in manchetes of periodicals is the result of the fulfilment of the duty of this category, Express in the detentions of harmful individuals to the society and in the apprehensions of weapons and drugs! If, however, one ' ' nacional' ' it is withheld and lead to the police station and soon he is untied in the streets made use to commit other crimes, the problem is in our laws that are imperfections! But, the p.m. fulfilled its paper! It is shameful, however, undeniable to say, that in Brazil an outlaw has much more right of what a Professional of Public Security! The representatives of the Commissions of Human Rights say that it! E, is not being questioned here right to the physical integrity of the withheld one! This I nor argue! Fact: It does not have as to deny that existm bad policemen! But, also it is fact that the actions of these bad policemen, do not reflect the character of great majority p.m. is also fact that the bad policemen are the shame of the good policemen! that its action does not find in the good policemen an incentive! Before, the repudiation! Society, while you sleep underneath warm of your comforter, the p.m. is in the streets subject to the most diverse situations, since simplest to the ones of bigger risks and/or relevance, having fractions of seconds to decide and to act, without the right to make a mistake or if to omit! On the other hand, justice takes some years to decide in a process and, still thus, it incurs into the risk to make a mistake in its decision. Ahead of everything this, I ask myself: ' ' Until when, society, you have to ignore that the valuation of the Professional of Public Security is necessary? ' '. I must say, that I do not mention myself here, the bad Policeman who goes for the streets daily pay-made use to the error. E, I alert: It repudiates the bad policemen! But, never if it forgets that nor all are corrupt or omissive! At last, the professional valuation of this category is necessary! Fact: None Politics of Public Security will reach the yearnings of the society if not to lead in consideration that the Professional of necessary Public Security if to feel valued in the exercise of its function! It is a logic question! Until why, a motivated professional produces better resulted! E, therefore, I agree that the valuation of the Professional of Public Security and the otimizao of its conditions of work, benefit the society! I must say that, Jeane Ktia Dos Santos I hiss, not support no movement of protest that does not have support in the article 5, interpolated proposition XVI of the Federal/1988 Constitution. E, I lock up the present article citing our Great Letter, that in its Article 5, interpolated proposition IV, establishes: ' ' the manifestation of the thought, being forbidden anonimato.&#039 is free; '.