Planning also can be defined as a practical process of determination of a plan of ideas the long medium stated period, having one I foretell of the future problems. Differently of the urban planning that is planned the long medium stated period; the urban management is made for curtssimo or short term, in such a way that it is an activity that it sends to the gift, to here and now, is the administration of determined situations inside of a conjuncture with the available resources in the gift in view of the immediate necessities. With all urban management the urban management and the urban planning are tools to search a estruturao, that takes care of to the yearnings and desires of the population, them cannot be separate, one this in such a way directly as indirectly on, Souza argues (2004): The planning and the urban management constitute a field to interdisciplinar and not it monopoly of an only profession. As much the planning as the urban management; they are used utensils stops for in it practises a reformularization in the city, however the necessary population to know and to know such actions of the managers and has the right to participate effectively of these projects, above all joined and articulated in associations of quarters and cooperatives to search what it is better for all the people who will be benefited directly or indirectly, that is, such groups organized they must become? if active thus forming the famous social ativismos. ' ' The social ativismos, as protagonists of the production of the urban space, must and need to very have to say on solutions and proposals, and as not only critical of what it does not please to them, but as authors of strategy and planning alternativo' ' (Souza, Rodrigues; 2004; p. 12) In accordance with the affirmation above the action the social groups of the population has much to add in the projects elaborated for the employees of the state (employee municipal theatre).