Manifestations these that take the somatic answers, physiological and psychic. In accordance with Shinohara et al (2001): The anxiety involves cognitivas, physiological and mannering answers, with the protection objective. Being that the physiological answers stimulate to run away or to face. In such a way, the behavior has function of to inhibit any movement of risk in direction the escape or the defense, thus, the individual is felt rightened. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit COF. For Barlow and Durand (2008) the anxiety has a subjective direction of fidget that understands a set of behaviors as to seem worried and uneasy, or a physiological reply that has origin in the brain, that it reflects in the cardiac beatings and the muscular tension. However, as Nunes; Bueno and Nardi (2001), the physical standards of anxiety vary widely of individual for individual. This comes folloied for a diffuse, ackward sensation, of apprehension, and also for some physical sensations.

Still, valley to stand out that the basic difference between normal anxiety of the pathological anxiety, is that this last one in such a way paralyzes the individual, bringing, damage to well-being and the performance, not allowing the preparation to face threatening situations. Ahead of this, and possible to evidence that the anxiety started to be a riot when human being placed it not it service of its survival, but the service of its existence (BALLONE, 2005). This despertou the interest in searching to have more knowledge the respect, therefore the extreme anxiety also comes providing damages to the infantile development, beyond being a subject very intriguing and questioned at the moment. In such a way, the research aims at to analyze which the factors that are desencadeantes of the upheavals of anxiety in infancy. One perceives that it does not have many authors who approach this subject, in specific in infancy, but this cannot be disrespected, therefore is a problem that comes affecting the normal development of some children. You may want to visit Sarah Raskin to increase your knowledge.