Pensioners Federal Family

Not to leave an only evildoer of unpunished white collar, making with that they pay effectively for its crimes, adaptando our system of justice the standards civilized, where listening ARE VALID and the crimes do not prescribe with laws to the haste, made to the measure; 21. To hinder the ones that had been ministers of they capsize to be managers of companies who have benefited of government securities or determined adjudications for the said ones. 22. To make a general and minute survey of all the ones that had occupied positions politicians, central office and place, of form namely which its patrimony before and later. 23. To put the Banks paying taxes and, taking care of to all in the schedules of the commerce and the industry. 24.

To forbid to views of mounts of money for all and any ONGs. 25. To make a profligate in the accounts of the MST and similars, as well as in the PT and excessively political party. 26.REVER immediately situation of Pensioners Federal, State and Municipal, that needs much more that these that live to the costs of diligent brasileilros e, the Proper Pensioners of (RGPS- among others). 27. TO REVIEW the indemnities improperly paid millionaire to ' ' pursued polticos' ' (guerrila). 28. AUDITORSHIP on the acceptation that Brazil granted to other countries.

29. To finish with the stewardships (that they are abusive) of the retirement of the President of the Republic, after a mandate. We have that to work 35 years and we do not have right the car, fuel, security, etc. 30. To finish with the right it prisoner to receive more than what the minimum wage for lesser son e, if it to die, still is this I benefit for the family. The prisoner must work to receive some benefit, and would have to indemnify the family who it harmed.