Pay By Touch

Teaming with Upek to develop compatible with TrueMe fingerprint sensor Pay By Touch has announced the cooperation with upek to produce TrueMe certified fingerprint sensor, working on Drugs usb, for users PCs that do not have built-in sensors. The company also certifies millions of sensors upek, are already built and laptops or issued in the form of usb devices. ‘TrueMe integrates our unique solution to their innovative service’ said Alan Kramer (Alan Kramer), president and ceo of upek. ‘Now the same level of safety and convenience, both on the basis of hardware that upek has provided millions of users for their personal and business PCs, is now available and on the Internet, paving a safe way of business to customers. ” How does TrueMe 1. When you enter the system with technology TrueMe, you just need to touch the fingerprint sensor (certified TrueMe), built into your pc, or connected via usb. Before the information on your finger will be aimed at identifying servers TrueMe, it is encoded and combined with a unique identification number of your machine, it’s all happening inside sensor. Thus, information about you will never go on your computer or a public Internet zone.

After this TrueMe servers decrypt the information and process it, identifies the user, and make sure he or she right to use their sensor. After this information has confirmed the user’s identity is sent through a secure connection to a Web site that the client needs. If the user is identified, he immediately accessed. 2. With the service TrueMe information on your computer can be protected by the same sensor that is used for online identification. In addition, different users can use the same sensor, without compromising the security of your data, simply register the individual fingerprints. With other devices, responsible for security, collaboration is almost impossible, and the local protection of information they do not delegate.