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The vast majority of specialized service provider for IT-project-communication asked if the surveyed executives with advanced communications for IT projects have already made experiences, draws a positive conclusion: 13 reported to progress5 very successful results, four were at least satisfied with the experience. Three of the 21 respondents lacking this experience, but would welcome it. 14 of the 21 respondents, of which nine CIOs and two business leaders, would hire external service providers for the overall IT-project-communication, unless they present an efficient concept, or confidence in the necessary expertise is available. Internal IT teams as well as IT service providers benefit from structured communication”, says Bernd Jungwirth, Partners of progress5. It comes with in the boat to get a larger group of stakeholders, which often have an influence on the success of IT projects should not be underestimated. Specialized service provider for IT-project-communication such as progress5 can afford this measurable value and relieve IT teams. Targeted communication measures help to avoid delays in the IT project to find productive support in management, departments and employees, shorten coordination processes and to support also sales and marketing it as needed to represent changes in IT to customers, partners and the press.” The complete progress5 snapshot study IT-project-communication 2013 is for editors on request available: via progress5: progress5 is a partner company for brand & business development.

The core business lies in the integration of communications, design, image, text and business development with the sales and expansion strategies both national and international oriented IT, high-tech and industrial companies. The interdisciplinary approach allows to analyze companies with its core competencies on this basis sustained to develop the company’s success. More under press contact: progress5 Gisela Knabl P.o. box 20 16 28 80016 Munich Tel.: 089-289 74 980 email: