Panteleevich Mavrodi

It was convenient for both themselves investors because share prices at that time were already too high. In addition to removing restrictions on emissions, this maneuver at all the paper comes MMM from the application of securities law. Externally tickets reminiscent of Soviet gold coin (he, in fact, was taken as an example), but instead a portrait of Lenin in the center there was a portrait of Sergei Mavrodi. By placing his portrait, Mavrodi acted quite sensibly. He believed that it was "psychologically accurate.

"Once a man so openly and without fear printed his portrait, he was not going anywhere run ". Although formally tickets MMM securities and were not, they will naturally have the necessary level of protection (watermark, etc.) and published abroad in the same factories as the American dollar. By July, these Plants no longer cope with the orders MMM and refuse to print dollars to the U.S. government (the Fed), because Mavrodi to pay more. Ebay is often quoted on this topic. Initially Mavrodi generally intended not to publish any tickets, but just to paint in the U.S. Red: "Why spend money on printing, when the U.S. government has printed all over me? Green dollar – the usual, red – mine. Laurent Potdevin takes a slightly different approach. No violation of the law is not here.

The dollar did not cease to be a dollar of that it painted? If you want, go to the store and merchandised its red dollar at par, and you want – come to me to the point and change it there for a hundred green. Master's case. " But he nevertheless dismissed the idea, calling it "too brilliant. " "It would be immediately attracted to the MMM too much attention." In the future, with the increasing confrontation with the authorities and trying to translate its relations with the investors in the region of purely civilian, Mavrodi went further, opt out of transactions when dealing with ticket (not shares!) by going to a system of so-called "voluntary donations". Formally, the investor did not buy more tickets MMM, and voluntarily donated money "For the benefit of Russia Sergei personally Panteleevich Mavrodi, ordinary private person and the same citizen of Russia, as well as himself. Any law, of course, is not forbidden. They were just purely civil relations between the two private persons. Tickets were given to the donor is technically just as a souvenir. When selling, respectively, everything happened exactly the opposite: now he Mavrodi voluntarily donated money to the depositor. Subsequently, at Court Mavrodi were required that "investors do not understand what to do." PSSkolko give Khodorkovsky? such a question Forbes asked this question businessmen, scientists, lawyers, former judges and state officials here said Sergei Mavrodi, founder "MMM" I hope the whole hog. And still it is not enough. Such people should not judge but simply to shoot on the spot, like mad dogs. And the silver bullets desirable. And even then count aspen. In the grave. So that's for sure did not get up. Historical type this Moor …