One I Hug

Today I dreamed of you, I woke up with homesicknesses. I arrived to feel yours I smell and something strong, saddened my day It wanted that you entered for this door she hugged and me; For this I hug I would forget them desncontros, of the illusions, them disillusionments, of how much I would not have to feel homesicknesses But I wanted one I hug He wanted to feel my body to tremble between your arms, and my heart to jump of joy when finding your chest; One I only hug, exactly that later you it was even so and I was again, days seeing without you. I only wanted one I hug, exactly that later I cried and esbravejasse the bitterness of this love that did not give certain; He only wanted one I hug and thirty seconds to feel your perfume to me, that still vacant in my souvenirs; Exactly that in the following minute, people have fought another time and never more swear to hug themselves One I only hug to alliviate a little of this anguish. It only wanted one I hug, and to be for a moment in your arms and to forget it torment that was to separate to me of you; One I only hug to be in peace and to come back to sleep. One I hug sincere, strong so that I have waked up, who I know, without this homesickness. Homesickness of yours I hug.