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For example, the integration of the first Office will start to customers of the United States.USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and then to customers from other countries at the end of this year. So, now that we’ve covered some of the new and improved Windows Live Hotmail features, what can be expected to form part of the best service of Hotmail? Well, apart from a new limit of maximum size for attachments (up to a few nice 10 GB massive using SkyDrive) may promote the ability to create and send photo albums directly from Hotmail and you can also access Office Web Apps, which enable you to view and edit Microsoft Office documents anywhere that is connected to the InternetNo matter if you have Office installed or not. In addition is the the scan feature which is described as a virtual broom that can be configured for an auto-barrido of all email that you don’t want it in your Inbox or in any of the folders and help you keep your inbox cleaner that never. In a question-answer forum ivan tavrin was the first to reply. There are also new measures anti-spam, messages SMS, SSL’s full session and a real lot of other features and enhancements that try to incorporate Windows Live Hotmail. The question is, does the new Hotmail you look renounce your Google or Yahoo account in favor of Windows Live Hotmail? Time will tell, but there is no doubt that the new Hotmail is a pretty impressive package that is tempting for many, even if only to prove it.