Nintendo Wii

With the DRUM if you buy a high-quality and robust, electronic drums, which meets the individual needs of each drummer with regard to structure, arrangement and real drummer feeling thus ROCKER. While other drum controller the player a fixed positioning of pads set, allows the Professional aluminium drum rack of the DRUM to rearrange ROCKER the snare, Tom Tom, Hi-Hat and cymbals player according to his individual needs. The excellent craftsmanship of the drum pads is particularly appreciated by the drum rockers. The sensitive rubber pads precisely record every stroke and are ultra quiet in contrast to the plastic pads other manufacturers and impart a feeling of real drum playing. “These precision and ruggedness allow enthusiastic drummer, it also literally really RIP” to leave.

ROCKERS the two additional pools, which can be added optionally to another are another advantage of the DRUM. The drum pedal is completely made of metal and is thus, like all other pads, very durable and sturdy. This quality and authenticity are the addictive fun of the DRUM ROCKER and promise musical enjoyment of the extra class. Has brought the passion then one, that you play now can be active instead of rock band in a rock band, then it expanded the ROCKER DRUM only a professional ALESIS drum computer and already is a real electronic professional drums from the games console. According to the motto: Don’t just play games. Play DRUMS! ROCKER will also continue to provide fun within the ever-growing community of RockBand the DRUM, and that is now betrayed that they themselves no longer have to be patient, to rock ROCKER with the DRUM not only on Xbox, PS-2 and PS 3: all owners of a Nintendo Wii! Price: 299,-euros (Xbox360, PS2, PS3) more information about the DRUM ROCKER and order form at: all information about all other ION audio products see: