Next Service

Service to the customer is a philosophy that should fit in all the people who make up an organization. They must be clear what is the image that you want to give, try to see through their eyes, define a culture that allows support requirements and market changes. One of the most common mistakes is to focus attention only on the external client. As the saying outside flowers and on the inside tremors if we want that we feel as a company that breathes and lives by the customer, must start by treating well the people working inside. If the climate work is hardly tense will reflect a warm and friendly service.

Install new computers, telephone answering machines of last generation to provide a smart service is not the solution the computers can not perceive the feelings of customers,! yes people! It is not difficult to perceive when a worker is not motivated and has to offer your product, whether to fight to convince themselves that does the right thing. On the contrary, it is nice to see employees committed, confident of what they do, always trying to make you feel at home. What is usually a consequence of a culture where there are clear objectives, where information is shared so that everyone knows what is happening, where vision motivates them and is understood by all, where the team is worth more than the work of a single person. There is also a leader capable of seeing more There’s errors and reckoning to save his reputation. The true leader, increasingly scarce, has a strategic vision, is pending in the operation of the equipment; they strive for people under their charge to see the customer as the most important person at that time and all the effort that is done, deserves it. Could I extend much more talking about the service to the client, but I want to leave it for another time. I promise that I will continue sharing the experiences that occur around this. They probably expected formulas that transform a standard service in one superior, perhaps done to change an annoying client one satisfied. I would prefer to focus on reviewing its internal processes, in improving the selection of personnel, promote team work oriented to the cient, reinforce behaviors and attitudes of its employees who can throw down a year effort, to strengthen motivation and find leadership in every one of the people who have the responsibility to meet at a internal and external, customer leadership is not exclusive to charges, any person is capable of positively influencing others.