New Work

But over time, the new generation only remembered the warnings and the consequences of these warnings were forgotten. Let us consider the most common "commandments" that each of us played at least once: "Do not blind the salt, otherwise it would be a scandal," yes, in our nation's history there were periods when salt was more valuable. It came even to the point that people ill from lack of salt. Indeed, anyone who spilled salt in such a difficult time, just waiting for a big scandal. But today, when the salt is 33 kopecks per kilo and it very much, so should we respond to sprinkled 20 grams of salt? And as if living workers in the enterprise, which is packed and sell the salt? They have, according to this "commandment" continuous problem, as they throw it with shovels, pour a bag of bags, packed in a box …

"Do not whistle indoors – no money": the relevance of this caution is rooted in a time when people had to work hard to earn a living. Earn it was not so easy for this took a lot of time and effort. And the man who whistled in the premises, had at this time because it did not work and therefore could not provide themselves. To paraphrase a warning as follows: "He did not work, has time to rest and, accordingly, he did not work. " But today, society has reached a certain level of development at which time everyone has normalized and weekends.