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The props of darker pink Hibisco had gotten brotamento in all the types of ground, however with bigger efficiency in the land mixture with seasoning NPK (10-10-10) more pie of mamona, in the ratio indicated for the manufacturer of the fertilizer, in the too much ground combinations the results had been inferior. The props of red Hibisco mini (hybrid), had not gotten satisfactory brotamento in none of the tested combinations. The prop of red Hibisco variegatus got satisfactory brotamento in at least 3 props in the common land combination alone + pie of mamona and also in the combination land comum+torta of mamona+ NPK (10-10-10), in the too much ground combinations the results had been inferior. The props of hybrid folded pink Hibisco had gotten satisfactory brotamento in all tested ground combinations, being they: terra+NPK+torta of mamona, land + pie of mamona and common land and land + NPK? The props of red Hibisco giant hybrid had not presented resulted favorable in none of the tested mixtures. The props of Hibisco folded salmon hybrid, terra+NPK+ presented brotamento in only 2 props this inserted in the substratum pie and pure common land. Thus being we conclude that the pure varieties, not hybrid, better present development in the reproduction for props. In the research carried through with paisagistas, between 25 looked professionals, the results had been the following ones: 14 hibisco Utilizam frequently. 08 hibisco Utilizam to the times, depending on the possibility.

02 Utilizam rare. 01 it does not use, but it believes that it can come to use. FINAL CONCLUSIONS? The varieties more known and used in paisagismo projects they are simple the red rose and, not hybrid. The ground use with common land without fertilizer implementation, favors to the brotamento of not hybrid the simple varieties. The Hibisco is known by professionals of the area paisagismo, even so either one plants exotic. Of the hybrid varieties, the one that more is distinguished in easiness of brotamento and development is the pink.