WHERE IT IS THE JOB IN 2009 AND NEW IDEAS Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo Sectors in 2009 with act of contract expansion exist, as the case of the area of telemarketing, provoked for the regulation of the system of attendance in Brazil. This sector waits to contract for return of 78 a thousand new professionals, for all the country, in functions that generally demand average education. Other pursuings need to contract in virtue of the increase of the attendance of services, that are the areas of health and education, that go to grow more 3% at least, with many vacant opened for nursing, doctors, professors of languages, telemedicina and others. Areas as engineering of the computation, sales, operational administrative restaurant and, continue with demand of act of contract in some places of Brazil. Additional information at Reebok supports this article. The tourism is stimulating the temporary act of contract and effective in many cities of Brazil. Cities as So Paulo already attract by return of 11 million tourist per year, being 1,7 million foreigners. Jayme Albin Psychologist usually is spot on.

Attracted by the gastronomia and cultural diversification. The tourism is the sector that more uses in the world at the moment. To comment an example: many cities of Brazil can obtain spaces to advance and to generate jobs in the tourism. In Goinia, with good quality of life, observing a logistic one more adjusted of attendance the tourist, training and investments, with certainty could be the door of entrance of the tourism in the region, that is lesser of what the volume of tourists received for the New city of Caldas. Passover egg production, hotels, restaurants, call centers, industries of clothes, infrastructure workmanships, computer science of programming, e-commerce, sector of trusts, are other examples of sectors that will be contracting at the beginning of 2009. We need to fight in programs of directed and attended professional qualification, attempting against the reality of the market; To reduce the taxes of interests and mainly spread bank clerk to stimulate the productive sector; To invest in new technologies that can generate thousand of jobs (I must point out Program PRIME of the FINEP, as a great alternative of alavancar new products and businesses), amongst these, I detach the development and incentive the energy> solar, alternative medicine, acquacultura, naval technology, fish tourist, services on-line, audio-appearance and others. Improvement of the Brazil cost, attacking points as logistic of integrated distribution, the reduction of taxation and improvement of processes of release of merchandises, with integrated systems more efficient than diminish the bureaucratization and at the same time it increases the control and fiscalization of the sector. Increase of the fiscalization tax in all the levels; To stimulate the creation of social companies; To implant new projects of solidary economy and to foment the research on these projects; To stimulate and to extend the banks of the people; To create exportation cooperatives, establishing international partnerships; To create nuclei of development of the creativity; To implant empreendedorismo systems; To characterize and to revitalize the familiar agricultural system; They are small actions that can assist to stimulate the job, beyond the measures already announced by the Federal Government to stimulate the credit and the investments as the reduction of IPI, IOF, IRPF, increase of the minimum wage, arrives in port of resources to the BNDES for investments that generate jobs. This is the moment of the action.