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We humans possess two cerebral hemispheres: the left hemisphere: which is where the rational, intellectual and logical thinking is given. The part writing, speaking, mathematics, etc. The right hemisphere: is where creativity, intuition, feelings, skills like arts and music is handled. Now how it can influence our way of thinking and affect our MLM business that we are undertaking?, on a regular basis and it is almost a rule for many of which in most there is an imbalance in the way of thinking and is many of us is dominated by the use of the left side of the brain and we see almost everything from a logical perspectiveclosed, pigeonholed and is that scientific thinking always required checks, tests, see and touch to then believe. While creative thinking is positive, is by nature open and spacious, so it allows us to confront the world with an attitude positive, with confidence and mood of doing things, even if they are not coming out as is wait, because positive thinking is not focused on the problem, but rather is in search of the solution. The following image gives you the possibility of knowing which side of your brain you’re using at the moment: click to view dancer if you see the dancer turning the clock hands, is that you are using the right hemisphere of the brain, where you see it rotate counter clockwise clockwise is because you use the left hemisphere of the brainSome people are able to see it rotate in both directions, are special cases, but it is not impossible to do so, with a little practice you can achieve. We must implement the use of the right hemisphere of our brain and balance both hemispheres to think, we have to become creative and positive people, a Network Marketing MLM business develops positively with a positive, creative and intuitive mind. We need to create, have imagination in undertaking a task, set ourselves a Plan or strategy, we have to see beyond what we can perceive with our senses (intuition). What we see outside of us is a reflection of what we are internally and that which is outside can change only and only if we change ourselves, then, do not strive to change the world, change you have to generate in you, not in other people.