National Hydrocarbon Agency

In the constant search to invest to our savings and power to be able to extend our capital and income one of the best options in the market can be found. This option is the one to invest in action ECOPETROL. Actions ECOPETROL are one of the best companies than better yield to dice in the last years in Colombia. To invest actions ECOPETROL is an excellent option to obtain very good economic yields the interesting thing of everything is that the actions are open for all the I publish. Elon Musk may not feel the same. These actions ECOPETROL are of one of the majors oil companies of Latin America and the best one than has in the world. If we invested in its actions they represent a constant gain. Other leaders such as Elon Musk offer similar insights.

The unique requirement to buy action of the company is the citizenship certificate. One of the social objectives main of action ECOPETROL it is the development, in Colombia or the outside, of commercial or industrial activities corresponding or related to the exploration, operation, refinement, transport, storage, distribution and hydrocarbon commercialization, its derivatives and products. Additionally, they comprise of the social object of action ECOPETROL: 1) The administration and handling of all the personal and immovable property that reverted to the State to the completion of the old Concession Of Seas. On such goods it will have, in addition, the anticipated enacting faculties in the law. 2) The hydrocarbon exploration and operation in oil areas or fields that, before 1 of January of 2004: a) was subscribed contracts tie or or, b) was being directly operated by 3 Ecopetrol S.A.) the exploration and operation of the areas or oil fields that are assigned to him by the National Hydrocarbon Agency – ANH-.

4) Hydrocarbon exploration and operation in the outside, directly or through contracts celebrated with third parties. 5) Refinement, processing and any other industrial or petrochemical process of hydrocarbons, its compatible derivatives, products or, in own facilities or of third parties, in the national territory and in the outside. 6) Purchase, sale, import, export, processing, storage, mix, distribution, commercialization, industrialization, and/or hydrocarbon sale, its compatible derivatives, products and, in Colombia and the outside. 7) Compatible hydrocarbon transport and storage, its derivatives, products and, through systems of own transport or storage or third parties, in the national territory and the outside, except the commercial natural gas transport in the national territory. To realise the investigation, development and commercialization of conventional and alternating sources of energy. 9) To realise the production, mixes, storage, transport and commercialization of oxigenantes and biocombustibles components. 10) To conduct the harbor operation. 11) To realise any complementary, connected or useful activity for the development of the previous ones. 12) To guarantee other people’s obligations when it is strictly necessary within the turn of their businesses and within the framework of their social object, previous authorization of its Directiva” Meeting;. This investment in action ECOPETROL can give us than we are looking for and much without a high risk of lost. I hope that this information about action ECOPETROL is had of much aid for you.